prick ●●○○○
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prick /prɪk/ verb
prick noun [countable]

خراش سوزن ، زخم بقدر سرسوزن ، جزء کوچک چیزی ، هدف ، منظور ، نقطه نت موسیقی ، چیزخراش دهنده (مثل نوک سوزن) ، خار ، تیغ ، نیش ، الت ذکور ، راست ، شق ، خلیدن ، باچیز نوک تیز فروکردن ، خراش دادن ، با سیخونک بحرکت واداشتن ، تحریک کردن ، ازردن
- pierce, jab, lance, perforate, punch, puncture, stab
- sting, bite, itch, prickle, smart, tingle
- puncture, hole, perforation, pinhole, wound
Related Words: prickle, hole, enter, cut, slash, slit, excite, pique, stimulate
English Thesaurus: dig, make a hole, burrow, plough, excavate, ...

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I. prick1 /prɪk/ verb

1. [transitive] to make a small hole in something using something sharp:
Prick the sausages before you grill them.
prick yourself/prick your finger (=accidentally make a hole in your skin)
She had pricked her finger on a rose thorn.

2. [intransitive and transitive] if something pricks a part of your body, or if it pricks, you feel small sharp pains ⇒ prickle:
Angry tears pricked her eyes.
a curious pricking sensation

3. prick sb’s conscience if something pricks someone’s conscience or their conscience pricks them, they feel guilty or ashamed:
Her conscience pricked her as she told the lie.

4. prick (up) its ears if an animal pricks up its ears, it raises them to listen to a sound:
The rabbit stopped suddenly, pricking up its ears.

5. prick (up) your ears if you prick up your ears or your ears prick up, you listen carefully because you have heard something interesting:
Jay pricked up his ears when I mentioned a vacation.
prick sth↔ out phrasal verb British English
to place young plants in soil after you have grown them from seed

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II. prick2 noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: prica]

1. PERSON spoken not polite a very offensive word for a stupid unpleasant man

2. SEX ORGAN informal not polite a penis

a) a slight pain you get when something sharp goes into your skin:
I didn’t feel the prick of the needle.
b) British English an act of pricking something:
Give the sausages a prick.pinprick

4. EMOTION a sudden slight feeling you get when you are unhappy about something
prick of
She felt a prick of resentment when she saw them together.

5. prick of conscience an uncomfortable feeling that you have done something wrong

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