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priest /priːst/ noun [countable]

کشیش ، مجتهد ، روحانی ، کشیشی کردن
Synonyms: clergyman, cleric, curate, divine, ecclesiastic, father, minister, pastor, vicar
English Thesaurus: priest, bishop, vicar, preacher, minister, ...

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priest W3 /priːst/ noun [countable]
[Language: Old English; Origin: preost, from Late Latin presbyter, from Greek presbyteros 'older man, priest', from presbys 'old man']

1. someone who is specially trained to perform religious duties and ceremonies in the Christian church

2. a man with religious duties and responsibilities in some non-Christian religions

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I. in Christianity
ADJ. local, parish, village | celibate | married | woman | Anglican, (Roman) Catholic, Jesuit, etc.
VERB + PRIEST become, be ordained (as)
PRIEST + VERB celebrate sth, officiate (at sth) the priest who was celebrating Mass

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II. in some other religions
ADJ. chief, high a ceremony led by the High Priest (figurative) He was considered the high priest of finance at that time.
temple | Brahmin, Buddhist, etc.

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