prime minister
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ˌPrime ˈMinister , prime minister noun [countable] (abbreviation PM)

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ˌPrime ˈMinister , prime minister noun [countable] (abbreviation PM)
the most important minister and leader of the government in some countries which have a parliament:
the British Prime Minister
He first became prime minister in 1982.
Prime Minister of
the Prime Minister of Turkey

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prime minister
ADJ. deputy | acting, caretaker, interim, transitional | incumbent, present | former, previous | outgoing | strong | beleaguered The beleaguered prime minister is coming under yet more pressure.
Conservative, Labour, etc.
VERB + PRIME MINISTER appoint, appoint sb (as), elect, elect sb (as) | serve as He served briefly as prime minister from 1920 to 1921. (For more verbs see the entry for minister.)
PREP. under a/the ~ She held office under two different prime ministers.

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