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pro /prəʊ $ proʊ/ noun (plural pros) [countable]
pro- /prəʊ $ proʊ/ prefix

بنفع ، طرفدار (کلمه مقابلcon است) ، جنبه مثبت ، له ، موافق ، حرفه ای ، برای ، بخاطر ، قانون ـ فقه: له ، ورزش: حرفه ای
کامپیوتر: professional workers ، حوزه اینترنتی افراد حرفه ای مانند فیزیکدانان و حسابداران و حقوق دانان کامپیوتر: با مجوز ، حوزه اینترنتی افراد متخصص (professional workers)

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Synonyms: for, in favor of, with
Synonyms: expert, adept, authority, doyen, master, master-hand, professional, proficient, whiz, wiz
Antonyms: anti, con

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I. pro1 /prəʊ $ proʊ/ noun (plural pros) [countable]
[Date: 1800-1900; Origin: professional]

1. someone who is paid to do something, especially play a sport, that other people do for pleasure Synonym : professional Antonym : amateur:
a tennis pro
the small gap between top amateurs and pros in golf

2. informal (also old pro) someone who has had a lot of experience with a particular type of situation:
Cathy’s an old pro at organizing raffles.

3. pros and cons the advantages and disadvantages of something
the pros and cons of (doing) something
We discussed the pros and cons of going to university.

4. British English old-fashioned informal a prostitute
pro forma, pro rata

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II. pro2 adjective informal

1. paid to do something, especially play a sport, that other people do for pleasure Synonym : professional
turn/go pro
Most young talented players are determined to turn pro.

2. American English played or done by people who are paid for what they do:
pro basketball

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III. pro3 preposition
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: 'for']
if you are pro an idea, suggestion etc, you support it:
As a party, they had always been pro family.

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pro- /prəʊ $ proʊ/ prefix
[Language: Old French; Origin: Latin, from Greek, from pro 'before, for']

1. supporting or approving of something Antonym : anti-:
the pro-choice lobby

2. technical doing a job instead of someone:
the pro-vice-chancellor

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