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proceeding /prəˈsiːdɪŋ/ noun

جریان عمل ، اقدام ، پیشرفت ، طرز ، روند ، قانون ـ فقه: خلاصه مذاکرات ، بازرگانی: اقدامات
- action, act, deed, measure, move, procedure, process, step
- proceedings: business, account, affairs, archives, doings, minutes, records, report, transactions

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proceeding W2 AC /prəˈsiːdɪŋ/ noun

1. the proceedings (also the proceeding) an event or a series of things that happen:
We watched the proceedings in the street below.
At this point in the proceedings, my doctor offered me a choice.

2. [countable usually plural] when someone uses a court of law to deal with a legal case
begin/open/take proceedings (against somebody)
She has begun divorce proceedings.
John is taking legal proceedings against his ex-partner.

3. the proceedings formal the official written records of a meeting, society etc
the proceedings of
the proceedings of the conference

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take/bring proceedings
You may take proceedings to enforce payment.
begin/start proceedings (also institute proceedings formal)
They threatened to begin legal proceedings against him.
legal proceedings
He wanted to avoid the expense and trouble of legal proceedings.
criminal proceedings
One of the businessmen is facing criminal proceedings.
civil proceedings (=not relating to a criminal charge)
The couple say they will take civil proceedings against the medics for professional misconduct.
divorce proceedings
His wife had threatened to start divorce proceedings.
bankruptcy proceedings
She faced criminal charges in addition to bankruptcy proceedings.

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