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projection /prəˈdʒekʃən/ noun

سیستم تصویر در تهیه نقشه ، پیش امدگی ، پیش افکنی ، برامدگی ، نقشه کشی ، پرتاب ، طرح ریزی ، تجسم ، پرتو افکنی ، نور افکنی ، اگراندیسمان ، پروژه ، افکنش ، تصویر ، علوم مهندسی: طرح ، روانشناسی: فرافکنی ، بازرگانی: پیش بینی ، علوم هوایی: تصویر ، علوم نظامی: سیستم تهیه نقشه جات
مهندسی صنایع: مالی: پیش بینی

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- protrusion, bulge, ledge, overhang, protuberance, ridge, shelf
- forecast, calculation, computation, estimate, estimation, extrapolation, reckoning
Antonyms: depression
Related Words: bump, bunch, swelling, extension, prolongation, hook, knob, point, spine, spur

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projection AC /prəˈdʒekʃən/ noun

1. CALCULATION [countable] a statement or calculation about what something will be in the future or was in the past, based on information available now
projection of
projections of declining natural gas production
projection for
population projections for the next 25 years
He declined to make projections about fourth quarter earnings.
Early projections show a three point lead for the Socialists.

2. SOMETHING STICKING OUT [countable] formal something that sticks out from a surface:
small projections of weathered rock on the hillside

3. FILM [uncountable] the act of projecting a film or picture onto a screen:
projection equipment

4. FEELING [uncountable] technical the act of imagining that someone else is feeling the same emotions as you

5. PICTURE [countable] technical a representation of something solid on a flat surface:
a map projection

6. IMAGINED QUALITIES [countable] something that you imagine to have particular qualities because of your wishes or feelings
projection of
The Devil is a projection of our fears and insecurities.
Mercator projection

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ADJ. current, latest | forward, future | population | financial, profit, sales
VERB + PROJECTION make | revise
PREP. on … ~s On current projections, there will be more than ten million people 65 or over in 2010.
~ about He declined to make projections about the next quarter's earnings.
~ as to We have been making forward projections as to future profitability of the firm.
~ for They presented profit projections for the rest of the year.
~ of The council has revised its projections of funding requirements upwards.

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