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prolong /prəˈlɒŋ $ -ˈlɒːŋ/ verb [transitive]

(=prolongate) طولانی کردن ، امتداد دادن ، دراز کردن ، امتداد یافتن ، بتاخیرانداختن ، طفره رفتن ، بطول انجامیدن ، بازرگانی: مدت دار
Synonyms: lengthen, continue, delay, drag out, draw out, extend, perpetuate, protract, spin out, stretch
Antonyms: curtail
Contrasted words: abbreviate, retrench, shorten
Related Words: continue, endure, last, persist
English Thesaurus: prolong, lengthen, extend, drag something ou

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prolong /prəˈlɒŋ $ -ˈlɒːŋ/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Old French; Origin: prolonguer, from Late Latin prolongare, from Latin longus 'long']

1. to deliberately make something such as a feeling or an activity last longer Synonym : lengthen:
I was trying to think of some way to prolong the conversation.

2. prolong the agony informal to make an unpleasant or anxious time last longer, especially when people are waiting for news:
There’s no point in prolonging the agony any longer.

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ADV. indefinitely Might it be possible to prolong life indefinitely?
artificially | deliberately Doctors commented that some patients deliberately prolong their treatment.
unduly, unnecessarily We do not want to prolong the meeting unnecessarily.

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