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promise /ˈprɒməs, ˈprɒmɪs $ ˈprɑː-/ verb
promise noun

عهد ، نوید ، انتظار وعده دادن ، قول دادن ، پیمان بستن ، قانون ـ فقه: قول ، روانشناسی: قول
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: وعده ،وعده دادن ، پیمان بستن

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- guarantee, assure, contract, give an undertaking, give one's word, pledge, swear, take an oath, undertake, vow, warrant
- seem likely, augur, betoken, indicate, look like, show signs of, suggest
- guarantee, assurance, bond, commitment, oath, pledge, undertaking, vow, word
- potential, ability, aptitude, capability, capacity, talent
Related Idioms: give (or make) a promise, pass one's word, word of honor
Related Words: accede, agree, assent, consent, bargain, compact, contract, covenant, plight, swear, vow, assure, ensure, insure, guarantee, earnest, pawn, pledge, security, token, assurance, warrant
English Thesaurus: promise, pledge, vow, oath, undertaking, ...

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I. promise1 S2 W2 /ˈprɒməs, ˈprɒmɪs $ ˈprɑː-/ verb

1. [intransitive and transitive] to tell someone that you will definitely do or provide something or that something will happen:
Last night the headmaster promised a full investigation.
promise to do something
She’s promised to do all she can to help.
promise (that)
Hurry up – we promised we wouldn’t be late.
promise somebody (that)
You promised me the car would be ready on Monday.
‘Promise me you won’t do anything stupid.’ ‘I promise.’
promise something to somebody
I’ve promised that book to Ian, I’m afraid.
promise somebody something
The company promised us a bonus this year.
‘I’ll be back by 1.00.’ ‘Promise?’ ‘Yes! Don’t worry.’
He reappeared two hours later, as promised.

2. [transitive] to show signs of something
promise to be something
Tonight’s meeting promises to be a difficult one.
dark clouds promising showers later

3. promise somebody the moon/the earth to promise to give someone something that is impossible for you to give

4. I can’t promise (anything) spoken used to tell someone that you will try to do what they want, but may not be able to:
I’ll try my best to get tickets, but I can’t promise anything.

5. I promise you spoken used to emphasize a promise, warning, or statement:
I promise you, it does work!

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II. promise2 S3 W2 noun
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: promissum, from the past participle of promittere 'to send out, promise']

1. [countable] a statement that you will definitely do or provide something or that something will definitely happen
promise of
We received promises of support from several MPs.
promise to
He would never break his promise to his father.
promise to do something
She made a promise to visit them once a month.
promise that
He promised that he’d pick me up.

2. [uncountable] signs that something or someone will be good or successful:
a young man full of promise
Bill shows great promise as a goalkeeper.
She didn’t fulfil her early promise.

3. [singular, uncountable] a sign that something, usually something good, may happen
promise of
the promise of spring
The letter gave a promise of greater happiness.

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I. statement that you will do sth
ADJ. big He makes all kinds of big promises he has little intention of keeping.
rash | broken, unfulfilled | empty, false, hollow | vague | binding, firm | campaign, election, pre-election
VERB + PROMISE give sb, make (sb) You gave me your promise I could use the car tonight. I'll consider it, but I make no promises.
fulfil, honour, keep | break, go back on | extract We extracted a promise from them that they would repay the money by May.
hold sb to The Opposition is determined to hold the government to its election promises.
PREP. ~ about They've made all sorts of promises about reforming the health system.
~ of promises of support

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II. signs that sb/sth will be successful
ADJ. considerable, great, real This new venture holds great promise for the future.
early, youthful
VERB + PROMISE hold, show | fulfil, live up to His career failed to fulfil its early promise.
PREP. of ~ a pianist of promise
~ as She showed great promise as a runner.
PHRASES full of promise The year began so full of promise, and ended in disappointment.

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ADV. faithfully She promised faithfully that she would come.
VERB + PROMISE can/can't | seem to The plan seemed to promise a new beginning.
PREP. to I've promised my old computer to Jane.
PHRASES as promised I am sending you information on holidays as promised.
I can't promise anything I can't promise anything, but I hope to have it finished next week.

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See: as good as one's word , lick and a promise

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