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properly /ˈprɒpəli $ ˈprɑːpərli/ adverb

درست ، بطور شایسته ، بطور صحیح
- suitably, appropriately, aptly, fittingly, rightly
- correctly, accurately
- politely, decently, respectably
Antonyms: improperly
Related Idioms: by rights

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properly S1 W2 /ˈprɒpəli $ ˈprɑːpərli/ adverb

1. especially British English correctly, or in a way that is considered right Synonym : right American English:
The brakes don’t seem to be working properly.
Then he’s not doing his job properly.
Parents should teach their children to behave properly in public.
properly trained staff

2. especially British English completely or fully Synonym : thoroughly:
Is the chicken properly defrosted?
The allegations were never properly investigated.

3. formal really:
Documents properly belonging to the family were taken away.
properly speaking British English (=really)
It isn’t, properly speaking, a real science.

4. used to say that someone is right to do something Synonym : rightly
quite/very/perfectly properly
People are, quite properly, proud of their homes.

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