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property /ˈprɒpəti $ ˈprɑːpər-/ noun (plural properties)

علاقه ، مایملک ، دارائی ، دارایی ، مال ، خاصیت ، صفت خاص ، استعداد ، ویژگی ، ملک ، قانون ـ فقه: مایملک ، روانشناسی: خاصیت ، بازرگانی: دارائی ، مال ، خاصیت ، علوم نظامی: ملک
مهندسی صنایع: مشخصه، خاصیت، استعداد مهندسی صنایع: نت: خاصیت-ویژگی

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- possessions, assets, belongings, capital, effects, estate, goods, holdings, riches, wealth
- land, estate, freehold, holding, real estate
- quality, attribute, characteristic, feature, hallmark, trait
English Thesaurus: building, property, premises, complex, development, ...

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property S2 W1 /ˈprɒpəti $ ˈprɑːpər-/ noun (plural properties)
[Date: 1200-1300; Language: Old French; Origin: propreté, from Latin proprietas, from proprius; proper]

1. [uncountable] the thing or things that someone owns:
The hotel is not responsible for any loss or damage to guests’ personal property.
Some of the stolen property was found in Mason’s house.

2. [uncountable and countable] a building, a piece of land, or both together:
Property prices have shot up recently.
the property market
a sign saying ‘Private Property. Keep Out.’
property taxes
commercial/residential property

3. [countable usually plural] a quality or power that a substance, plant etc has Synonym : quality, characteristic:
a herb with healing properties
physical/chemical etc properties
the chemical properties of a substance
lost property, real property, intellectual property

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I. possessions
ADJ. personal, private | common, public | intellectual Companies should protect their intellectual property with patents and trademarks.
stolen | lost I phoned the lost property office to see if someone had found my bag.
VERB + PROPERTY dispose of The market was known as a place where people disposed of stolen property.
PROPERTY + NOUN rights The firm was found to have infringed intellectual property rights.

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II. land/building
ADJ. freehold, leasehold | adjacent, adjoining, neighbouring | detached, semi-detached | two-bedroom, three-bedroom, etc. | business, commercial, hotel, residential | investment | private | council, council-owned | family
VERB + PROPERTY hold, own | acquire, buy, invest in, purchase | inherit | sell | lease, let, rent out They decided to rent out the property while they were abroad.
rent living in rented property
view We have a potential buyer who wants to view the property.
value The property was valued at £250,000.
put on the market Once the tenants have left, the property will be put on the market.
PROPERTY + NOUN market, prices, values | company, developer | owner | tax | boundary
PHRASES a man/woman of property Now that you've paid off your mortgage, how does it feel to be a woman of property?

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III. characteristic
ADJ. biological, chemical, electrical, magnetic, mechanical, physical | antiseptic, health-giving, medicinal The medicinal properties of the leaves of this tree have been known for centuries.
observable | individual | general

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buy/sell (a) property
Buying a property is a complicated business.
detached especially British English (=not joined to another house)
It is a modern detached property with five bedrooms.
semi-detached British English (=joined to one other house)
This semi-detached property is located in one of the most sought-after areas of the town.
a three-bedroom/four-bedroom etc property
Four-bedroom properties are usually ideal for families.
a desirable property
It is a desirable property with a south-facing garden.
commercial property (=buildings used by businesses)
The bombs caused damage to commercial property.
residential property (=buildings that people live in)
The site proposed for the factory is too near to residential property.
private property
The land on the other side of the gate is private property.
property prices
Property prices are much lower here than in London.
the property market
There were no signs of an upturn in the property market.
a property owner
It makes sense for property owners to extend their houses rather than move.
physical properties
What are the physical properties of metals?
chemical properties
They grouped the known elements by chemical properties.
electrical properties
Each type of cell has distinct electrical properties.
magnetic properties
the magnetic properties of iron and nickel
optical properties
These minerals have similar optical properties.
healing/medicinal properties
The old women know about the healing properties of local herbs.
health-giving properties
They believed that the water had special health-giving properties.
antiseptic properties
This plant has mild antiseptic properties.

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BAD: The police eventually found most of the stolen properties.
GOOD: The police eventually found most of the stolen property.

Usage Note:
Property (= things that belong to someone) is an uncountable noun: 'Personal property should not be left unattended.'

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