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prosaic /prəʊˈzeɪ-ɪk, prə- $ proʊ-, prə-/ adjective

خالی از لطف ، کسل کننده ، وابسته به نثر ، نثری
Synonyms: dull, boring, everyday, humdrum, matter-of-fact, mundane, ordinary, pedestrian, routine, trite, unimaginative
Antonyms: poetic
Contrasted words: figurative, metaphorical, symbolic, fanciful, florid, flowery, ornate
Related Words: actual, factual, literal, practicable, practical, boring, irksome, tedious

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prosaic /prəʊˈzeɪ-ɪk, prə- $ proʊ-, prə-/ adjective
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Late Latin; Origin: prosaicus, from Latin prosa; prose]
boring or ordinary:
a prosaic writing style
The reality, however, is probably more prosaic.
—prosaically /-kli/ adverb

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