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protest /ˈprəʊtest $ ˈproʊ-/ noun
protest /prəˈtest $ ˈprə-/ verb

اعتراض رسمی ، پروتست ، واخواست رسمی ، شکایت ، واخواست کردن ، اعتراض کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: ایراد ، واست نامه به وسیله سردفتر اسناد رسمی تنظیم و صادر می شود ، بازرگانی: اعتراض کردن ، ورزش: اعتراض به رای داور کشتی
- objection, complaint, dissent, outcry, protestation, remonstrance
- object, complain, cry out, demonstrate, demur, disagree, disapprove, express disapproval, oppose, remonstrate
- assert, affirm, attest, avow, declare, insist, maintain, profess
Antonyms: agree
Related Words: demonstrate, combat, fight, oppose, resist
English Thesaurus: complain, make a complaint, protest, object, grumble, ...

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I. protest1 W3 /ˈprəʊtest $ ˈproʊ-/ noun

1. [uncountable and countable] something that you do to show publicly that you think that something is wrong and unfair, for example taking part in big public meetings, refusing to work, or refusing to buy a company’s products
protest against
Students held a protest march against the war.
Five thousand employees came out on strike in protest at the poor working conditions.

2. [countable] words or actions that show that you do not want someone to do something or that you dislike something very much
protest from
I turned off the TV, despite loud protests from the kids.
without protest
He accepted his punishment without protest.
She ignored his protests and walked away.
The programme caused a storm of protest (=a lot of angry protest).
The announcement was met with howls of protest.

3. do something under protest to do something while making it clear that you do not want to do it:
The bill was eventually paid under protest.

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II. protest2 /prəˈtest $ ˈprə-/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: French; Origin: protester, from Latin protestari, from testari 'to speak as a witness']

1. [intransitive and transitive] to come together to publicly express disapproval or opposition to something
protest against/at/about
Thousands of people blocked the street, protesting against the new legislation.
protest something American English:
Students protested the decision.

2. [intransitive and transitive] to say that you strongly disagree with or are angry about something because you think it is wrong or unfair:
‘I don’t see why I should take the blame for this!’ she protested.
protest that
Clive protested that he hadn’t been given enough time to do everything.

3. [transitive] to state very firmly that something is true, when other people do not believe you
protest (that)
Sarah protested that she wasn’t Mick’s girlfriend.
Years later, he is still protesting his innocence.

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ADJ. angry, strong, violent | peaceful | sit-down | mass | formal, official | popular, public, student | anti-government, political | continuing, further, renewed | rooftop, street a rooftop protest by prison inmates
QUANT. flood, storm, tide, wave The new tax sparked a wave of public protest.
VERB + PROTEST organize, stage | lodge, register The Samoan team lodged a formal protest after the referee sent off the wrong player.
lead to, spark
PROTEST + NOUN group, movement | demonstration, march, meeting, rally | strike | petition | song
PREP. in ~ Prisoners shouted and hurled slates in protest.
under ~ The strikers returned to work, but under protest.
without ~ The crowd dispersed without protest.
~ about a protest about the new bypass
~ against There had been a number of public protests against the new tax.
~ at The party boycotted the election in protest at alleged vote rigging.
~ over a student protest over tuition fees
PHRASES a chorus/cry/howl of protest The announcement brought cries of protest from the crowd.
the freedom/right of protest The constitution guarantees the right of peaceful protest.
a letter of protest

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ADV. strongly, vehemently, vigorously | formally | loudly | mildly | weakly | peacefully the right to protest peacefully
bitterly, desperately, indignantly
VERB + PROTEST begin to, try to When he tried to protest, she insisted.
gather to Crowds gathered to protest about the police violence.
PREP. about/over protesting over an income tax increase
against protesting against the proposed agreement
at Many people have protested at the cuts in state benefits.
to We have protested to the government.

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hold/stage/mount a protest
Opponents of the plan have staged several protests.
lead to/spark (off) protests (=cause them)
The arrests sparked off violent street protests.
organize a protest
She organized a protest outside the store.
protests erupt (=start suddenly)
Massive protests erupted across the country.
a public/popular protest
The announcement led to widespread public protests.
political protest
Lee spent five years in prison for his involvement in political protest.
a peaceful protest
Some 5,000 students and others began a peaceful protest.
a violent/angry protest
Three people died yesterday in violent protests against the war.
a mass protest (=one involving a lot of people)
There were mass protests in the capital.
a massive protest
They reacted to the king’s forced abdication with massive public protests.
a student protest
Student protests were crushed by police.
a street protest
There was a ban on street protests.
an anti-government protest
Religious leaders continued to lead anti-government protests.
a protest group/movement
Students at the heart of the protest movement have called for a general strike.
a protest march
They staged a protest march through the city’s streets.
a protest rally (=a large outdoor public meeting to protest about something )
A protest rally in the capital was attended by about 400 people.

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BAD: She told the shop assistant that she wanted to protest about the cardigan she had bought.
GOOD: She told the shop assistant that she wanted to complain about the cardigan she had bought.

Usage Note:
protest = say or do something to show that you strongly disagree with something: 'The crowds were protesting against the government's purchase of nuclear weapons.'
complain = say that you are annoyed or unhappy about something: 'He's always complaining about the weather.' 'If you think you've been overcharged, you should complain to the manager.'

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