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protract noun. [prǝ'trakt]
protract verb. [prǝ'trakt]

طول دادن ، دراز کردن ، امتداد دادن ، کش دادن
Synonyms: extend, draw, draw out, elongate, lengthen, prolong, prolongate, spin (out), stretch
Antonyms: curtail

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pro·tract (prō-trăkt, prə-)
tr.v. pro·tract·ed, pro·tract·ing, pro·tracts
To draw out or lengthen in time; prolong:
disputants who needlessly protracted the negotiations.
Mathematics. To draw to scale by means of a scale and protractor; plot.
Anatomy. To extend or protrude (a body part).

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[Latin prōtrahere, prōtract-  : prō-, forth; see pro-1 + trahere, to drag.]

[TahlilGaran] American Dictionary

pro·tracted·ly (-trăktĭd-lē) adv.
pro·tracted·ness n.
pro·tractive adj.

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