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provocative /prəˈvɒkətɪv $ -ˈvɑː-/ adjective

سبب ، محرک ، برانگیزنده ، عصبانی کننده ، قانون ـ فقه: داعی ، روانشناسی: تحریک امیز
Synonyms: offensive, annoying, galling, goading, insulting, provoking, stimulating

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provocative /prəˈvɒkətɪv $ -ˈvɑː-/ adjective

1. provocative behaviour, remarks etc are intended to make people angry or upset, or to cause a lot of discussion
provocative comment/remark/statement
The minister’s provocative remarks were widely reported in the press.
a provocative act by a terrorist group
She was accused of being deliberately provocative.

2. provocative clothes, movements, pictures etc are intended to make someone sexually excited:
provocative images of young girls
—provocatively adverb

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I. intending to cause an argument
VERBS be, seem | consider sth
ADV. extremely, highly, very | rather | deliberately | unnecessarily

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II. intending to cause sexual excitement
VERBS be, look
ADV. highly, very | unconsciously | sexually

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