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pub /pʌb/ noun [countable]

(انگلیس) میخانه ، آدمی که از این میخانه به آن میخانه برود ، خمار(khammaar)
public house
Synonyms: tavern, bar, inn
English Thesaurus: bar, pub, public house, sb’s local, inn, ...

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pub S2 W3 /pʌb/ noun [countable]
[Date: 1800-1900; Origin: public house]
a building in Britain where alcohol can be bought and drunk, and where meals are often served ⇒ bar:
Do you fancy going to the pub?
a pub lunch
the pub landlord

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ADJ. excellent, good | favourite | corner, local, nearby, nearest The corner pub is quite good.
crowded | friendly, welcoming | country, village | historic, traditional | modern | theme It's one of those modern theme pubs.
VERB + PUB go down (to), go (round) to Let's go down the pub for a drink.
PUB + NOUN food, lunch, meal | landlady, landlord
PREP. at/in a/the ~ He spent all afternoon in the pub.

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