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GRE vocabulary

puissance noun. ['pju:ɪs(ǝ)ns, 'pwi:-, 'pwɪ-, (esp. in sense 1b) 'pwi:ss]

power ( ، ) strengthتوان ، قدرت ، نیرو ، توانایی ، ورزش: مسابقه پرش حذفی
Synonyms: power, energy, force, might, muscle, potency, sinew, strength, vigor, virtue
Antonyms: impuissance
Contrasted words: powerlessness, weakness
Related Words: clout, influence, sway

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puis·sance (pwĭsəns, pyĭ-səns, py-ĭsəns)
Power; might.

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[Middle English, from Old French, from poissant, powerful, present participle of pooir, to be able. See power.]

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puissant adj.
puissant·ly adv.

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