pull out
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ˈpull-out , pull‧out /ˈpʊlaʊt/ noun [countable]

ترک کردن ، عازم شدن ، بیرون امدن ، ورزش: خارج شدن موج سوار از موج با کندکردن تخته
pull out
Synonyms: withdraw, depart, evacuate, leave, quit, retreat
Antonyms: pull in

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pull out phrasal verb (see also pull)

a) to drive onto a road from another road or from where you have stopped:
Don’t pull out! There’s something coming.
b) to drive over to a different part of the road in order to get past a vehicle in front of you:
I pulled out to overtake a bus.

2. if a train pulls out, it leaves a station Antonym : pull in

3. to stop doing or being involved in something, or to make someone do this:
McDermott pulled out with an injury at the last minute.
pull out of
They are trying to pull out of the agreement.
pull somebody out of something
He threatened to pull his son out of the team.

4. to get out of a bad situation or dangerous place, or to make someone or something do this:
Jim saw that the firm was going to be ruined, so he pulled out.
pull somebody/something ↔ out
Most of the troops have been pulled out.
pull out of
when the country was still pulling out of a recessionpull out all the stops at stop2(7)

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ˈpull-out , pull‧out /ˈpʊlaʊt/ noun [countable]

1. the act of an army, business etc leaving a particular place:
The pull-out of troops will begin soon.

2. part of a book or magazine that is designed to be removed and read separately:
a pull-out on home PCs

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pull out
pull out (of (something))
to stop being involved in something.
She's considering a run for governor if Mr. Lamb pulls out of the race.

to leave a place.
If everyone is ready, we can pull out by six in the morning.

Usage notes: used of vehicles or the people in them

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pull out
v. phr.
1. To withdraw; leave unceremoniously.
The defeated army hastily pulled out of the occupied territories.
2. To leave (said about trains).
The train pulled out of Grand Central Station just as the foreign students got there.
3. To remove by order; evacuate.
Napoleon pulled his beaten troops out of Russia.

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