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punctilious /pʌŋkˈtɪliəs/ adjective

دقیق ، نکته سنج ، بسیار مبادی اداب
Synonyms: particular, exact, finicky, formal, fussy, meticulous, nice, precise, proper, strict
Related Words: conventional, formal, observant, overconscientious, overscrupulous

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punctilious /pʌŋkˈtɪliəs/ adjective formal
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: punctilio 'detail of good behavior' (16-21 centuries), from Italian puntiglio, from Spanish puntillo, from Latin punctum; point1]
very careful to behave correctly and follow rules
punctilious about
Joe was always punctilious about repaying loans.
—punctiliously adverb
—punctiliousness noun [uncountable]

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