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برای انتخابات نامزد کردن ، سازش کردن ، در ظرف گذاردن ، بسته بندی کردن ، کنسرو کردن ، کنار گذاردن ، متحمل شدن ، برگزیدن ، بیگودی بگیسو زدن ، علنی ساختن ، طرح کردن ، منزل دادن ، ساختن ، بنا کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: جعل کردن
put up
- erect, build, construct, fabricate, raise
- accommodate, board, house, lodge, take in
- recommend, nominate, offer, present, propose, put forward, submit
- put up with: stand, abide, bear, endure, stand for, swallow, take, tolerate
Related Words: forge, make, put together, shape, elevate, escalate
English Thesaurus: build, construct, put up something, erect, throw something up, ...

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put up phrasal verb (see also put)

1. BUILD put something ↔ up to build something such as a wall, fence, building etc Synonym : erect:
They’re putting up several new office blocks in the centre of town.

2. FOR PEOPLE TO SEE put something ↔ up to put a picture, notice etc on a wall so that people can see it:
Can I put up some posters?
The shops have started to put up Christmas decorations.

3. ATTACH SOMETHING put something ↔ up to attach a shelf, cupboard etc to a wall:
My dad put up five shelves.

4. INCREASE put something ↔ up British English to increase the cost or value of something Synonym : raise:
Most big stores admit they daren’t put prices up for fear of losing their customers.

5. RAISE put something ↔ up to raise something to a higher position:
I put up my hand and asked to leave the room.
Philip put his hood up because it was raining.

6. LET SOMEBODY STAY put somebody up to let someone stay in your house and give them meals:
I was hoping Kenny could put me up for a few days.

7. STAY SOMEWHERE British English to stay in a place for a short time
put up at/in/with
We can put up at a hotel for the night.

8. put up a fight/struggle/resistance to show great determination to oppose something or get out of a difficult situation:
Gina put up a real fight to overcome the disease.
The rebels have put up fierce resistance.

9. put up something to give an amount of money for a particular purpose:
The paper put up a reward for information on the murder.

10. MAKE AVAILABLE put something up to make something or someone available for a particular purpose
put something up for
They put their house up for sale.
The baby was put up for adoption.

11. put up a proposal/argument/case etc to explain a suggestion or idea so that other people can think about it or discuss it:
If you can put up a good enough case, the board will provide the finance.

12. ELECTIONS put somebody ↔ up to suggest someone as a suitable person to be elected to a position:
I was put up for the committee.

13. put up or shut up spoken informal used to tell someone that they should either do what needs to be done or stop talking about it

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put something up
put (something) up
to build a building/sign/fence/wall
They are putting some new apartments up near our house.

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put up
1.put (someone) up
to provide lodging for someone
I always put my friend up when he comes to visit.

2.put (something) up
to build a building/sign/fence/wall
They are putting some new apartments up near our house.

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put up
v. phr. informal
1. To bet your money on what you say or stop saying it.
Often used as a command; often considered rude.
The man from out of town kept saying their team would beat ours and finally John told him "Put up or shut up."
2. To prove something or stop saying it.
Often used as a command; often considered rude.
George told Al that he could run faster than the school champion and Al told George to put up or shut up.

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put up(1)
1a. To make and pack (especially a lunch or medicine); get ready; prepare.
Every morning Mother puts up lunches for the three children.
The druggist put up the medicine that the doctor had prescribed.
Compare: MAKE UP1.
1b. To put food into jars or cans to save; can.
Mother is putting up peaches in jars.
1c. To store away for later use.
The farmer put up three tons of hay for the winter.
2. To put in place; put (something) where it belongs.
After he unpacked the car, John put it up.
After the hard ride, the doctor gave the horse to the stable boy to put up.
After the battle, the knight put up his sword.
Synonym: PUT AWAY.
3. To suggest that (someone) be chosen a member, officer, or official.
The club decided to take in another member, and Bill put up Charles.
Often used with "for".
The Republicans put Mr. Williams up for mayor.
4. To put (hair) a special way; arrange.
Aunt May puts up her hair in curlers every night.
Compare: DO UP(3a).
5. To place on sale; offer for sale.
She put the house up for sale.
6a. To provide lodging for; furnish a room to.
The visitor was put up in the home of Mr. Wilson.
They put Frank up at a good hotel.
6b. To rent or get shelter; take lodging; stay in a place to sleep.
The traveler put up at a motel.
We put up with friends on our trip to Canada.
7. To make; engage in.
He put up a good fight against his sickness.
Compare: CARRY ON.
8. To furnish (money) or something needed; pay for.
He put up the money to build a hotel.

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adj. Artificially arranged; plotted; phony; illegal.
The FBI was sure that the bank robbers worked together with an insider and that the whole affair was a put-up job.

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