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puzzle /ˈpʌzəl/ noun [countable]

گیچ کردن ، اشفته کردن ، متحیر شدن ، لغز ، چیستان ، جدول معما
- perplex, baffle, bewilder, confound, confuse, mystify, stump
- problem, conundrum, enigma, mystery, paradox, poser, question, riddle
Contrasted words: enlighten, inform
Related Words: baffle, foil, frustrate, befuddle, bumfuzzle, fuddle, disconcert, distract, disturb, upset, addle, muddle, mystify, amaze, dumbfound, flabbergast

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I. puzzle1 /ˈpʌzəl/ noun [countable]

1. a game or toy that has a lot of pieces that you have to fit together ⇒ jigsaw:
a child’s wooden puzzle

2. a game in which you have to think hard to solve a difficult question or problem:
a crossword puzzle

3. [usually singular] something that is difficult to understand or explain
puzzle of
the puzzle of how the sun works
The meaning of the poem has always been a puzzle.
He thought he had solved the puzzle.

4. piece of the puzzle a piece of information that helps you to understand part of a difficult question, mystery etc

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II. puzzle2 verb [transitive]
to confuse someone or make them feel slightly anxious because they do not understand something:
a question that continues to puzzle scientists
He was puzzled by the reactions to his remark.
What puzzles me is why his books are so popular.
puzzle something ↔ out phrasal verb
to solve a confusing or difficult problem by thinking about it carefully:
He lay looking at the ceiling, trying to puzzle things out.
puzzle over something phrasal verb
to think for a long time about something because you cannot understand or solve it:
The class puzzled over a poem by Shakespeare.

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I. sth that is difficult to understand
ADJ. great | perplexing | scientific, theoretical
VERB + PUZZLE solve | remain What happened to the ship remains a puzzle.
PUZZLE + VERB remain The puzzle remains of what happened to the ship.
PREP. in a/the ~ They knew who the killer was, but there were still some gaps in the puzzle.
~ about There is a puzzle about how the plant first came to Britain.
~ of They're trying to solve the puzzle of how gravity works.
PHRASES a bit/piece of the puzzle Another piece of the puzzle fell into place.
the key to a puzzle Traces of explosives found among the wreckage were the key to the puzzle.
a piece in the puzzle The police didn't know what the message meant, but it was another piece in the puzzle.
a solution to a puzzle, something of a puzzle The origin of the word is something of a puzzle.

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II. game that tests your skill, intelligence, etc.
ADJ. crossword, jigsaw | number, picture, word | complicated
VERB + PUZZLE do, solve

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