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quite /kwaɪt/ predeterminer, adverb

کاملا ، بکلی ، تماما ، سراسر ، واقعا

: quite(so)

چنین است ، همینطوراست ، راست است
- somewhat, fairly, moderately, rather, reasonably, relatively
- absolutely, completely, entirely, fully, perfectly, totally, wholly
- truly, in fact, in reality, in truth, really

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quite S1 W1 /kwaɪt/ predeterminer, adverb
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: quit, quite 'free of' (13-19 centuries), from Old French quite; quit]

1. especially American English very, but not extremely ⇒ pretty:
The food in the cafeteria is usually quite good.
His hair is quite thin on top now.
Amy’s at college, and she’s doing quite well.
quite a something
He’s quite a good soccer player.
Put quite before ‘a’ and an adjective and noun, not after ‘a’:
It took quite a long time (NOT a quite long time).

2. especially British English fairly, or to a small extent, but not very ⇒ pretty:
The film was quite good, but the book was much better.
I got a letter from Sylvia quite recently.
quite like/enjoy
I quite like Chinese food.

3. quite a lot/bit/few a fairly large number or amount:
He’s got quite a lot of friends.
Quite a few towns are now banning cars from their shopping centres.

4. [+ adjective/adverb] British English completely:
I’m sorry. That’s quite impossible.
What she’s suggesting is quite ridiculous!
I think you’ve had quite enough to drink already!
That’s quite a different matter.

5. not quite not completely:
They weren’t quite ready so we waited in the car.
I’m not quite sure where she lives.
Dinner’s almost ready, but not quite.

6. not quite why/what/where etc not exactly why, what, where etc:
The play wasn’t quite what we expected.

7. quite a something/quite some something British English used before a noun to emphasize that something is very good, large, interesting etc:
That was quite a party you had.
The engines make quite a noise.
It’s quite some distance away.

8. quite a/some time especially British English a fairly long time:
We’ve been waiting for quite some time now.

9. quite right British English used to show that you agree strongly with someone:
‘I refuse to do any more work.’ ‘Quite right. They can’t expect you to work for nothing.’

10. that’s quite all right British English used to reply to someone that you are not angry about something they have done:
‘I’m sorry we’re so late.’ ‘That’s quite all right.’

11. quite/quite so British English formal used to show that you agree with what someone is saying Synonym : exactly:
‘They really should have thought of this before.’ ‘Yes, quite.’

12. quite something especially British English used to say that someone or something is very impressive:
It’s quite something to walk out on stage in front of 20,000 people.

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BAD: This year the work at university is quite harder than last year.
GOOD: This year the work at university is rather harder than last year.

Usage Note:
Before comparative forms use rather, slightly, somewhat or (especially in informal styles) a bit, a little (NOT quite ): 'My new office is rather smaller than my old one.' 'He's slightly older than me.'
Note however the common exception: 'Yes, I'm feeling quite better, thank you.' (= completely recovered)

BAD: There are quite many foreign students in London.
GOOD: There are quite a lot of foreign students in London.

Usage Note:
quite a lot (of) NOT quite many/much : 'Quite a lot of time has already been wasted.' I've made quite a lot of new friends.'

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