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racy /ˈreɪsi/ adjective

دارای طعم اصلی ، دارای صفات اصلی و نژادی ، تند ، با مزه ، با روح ، با نشاط ، مهیج ، جلف
- risqué, bawdy, blue, naughty, near the knuckle (informal), smutty, suggestive
- lively, animated, energetic, entertaining, exciting, sparkling, spirited
Contrasted words: banal, inane, jejune
Related Words: fiery, gingery, mettlesome, spirited

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racy /ˈreɪsi/ adjective
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: race 'particular taste' (16-19 centuries)]
racy writing is exciting and entertaining and often about sex:
a racy novel

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