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railroad /ˈreɪlrəʊd $ -roʊd/ noun [countable]

راه اهن ، با راه اهن فرستادن یا سفر کردن ، سرهم بندی کردن ، پاپوش درست کردن ، علوم مهندسی: راه اهن
I. railroad1 /ˈreɪlrəʊd $ -roʊd/ noun [countable] American English
a railway or the railway:
The supplies were sent on the railroad.
a railroad station

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II. railroad2 verb [transitive]
to force or persuade someone to do something without giving them enough time to think about it
railroad somebody into doing something
The workers were railroaded into signing the agreement.

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v. To force through; push through by force.
The bill was railroaded through the state legislature due to the influence of some very wealthy sponsors.

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