rambling ●●○○○
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rambling /ˈræmblɪŋ/ adjective [usually before noun]

بی ربط ، پرت ، سیار ، نامربوط ، گردش کننده ، بی نقشه
Synonyms: long-winded, circuitous, digressive, disconnected, discursive, disjointed, incoherent, wordy

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I. rambling1 /ˈræmblɪŋ/ adjective [usually before noun]

1. a rambling building has an irregular shape and covers a large area:
a rambling old farmhouse

2. rambling speech or writing is very long and does not seem to have any clear organization or purpose:
a long rambling letter

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II. rambling2 noun [uncountable] British English
the activity of going for walks in the countryside for pleasure

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