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rapid /ˈræpəd, ˈræpɪd/ adjective

تندرو ، سریع العمل ، چابک ، معماری: سریع
Synonyms: quick, brisk, express, fast, hasty, hurried, prompt, speedy, swift
Antonyms: deliberate, leisurely
Related Words: agile, brisk, nimble, hurried, quickened
English Thesaurus: fast, quick, high-speed, rapid, swift, ...

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rapid W3 /ˈræpəd, ˈræpɪd/ adjective
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: Latin; Origin: rapidus 'seizing, sweeping away', from rapere; rape1]
happening or done very quickly and in a very short time ⇒ fast, quick:
The patient made a rapid recovery.
rapid growth/expansion/development/increase
rapid population growth
a period of rapid decline
He fired three times in rapid succession (=one after another).
—rapidity /rəˈpɪdəti, rəˈpɪdɪti/ noun [uncountable]:
Their debts mounted with alarming rapidity.

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VERBS be, seem | become
ADV. exceptionally, extraordinarily, extremely, unusually, very | fairly, quite, relatively

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rapid growth/expansion/development
The industry is experiencing rapid growth.
a rapid increase/rise
The country cannot cope with a rapid increase in population.
rapid change
The labour market has undergone a period of rapid change over the last few years.
the rapid spread of something
Close contact between people resulted in the rapid spread of the disease.
a rapid decline/deterioration
These parasites cause a rapid decline in the health of the fish.
rapid progress
Both Tom and Victoria had made rapid progress under his guidance.
a rapid response
He praised state health authorities for their rapid response to the crisis.
at a rapid rate/pace
Deforestation is occurring at a rapid rate as a result of agricultural development.
in rapid succession (=quickly, one after the other)
Pictures of a man were flashed upon the screen in rapid succession.

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BAD: These new trains are very rapid.
GOOD: These new trains are very fast.
BAD: I rapidly took the gun out of my pocket.
GOOD: I quickly took the gun out of my pocket.

Usage Note:
When used in connection with movement, rapid and rapidly usually refer to something that happens at a very fast rate: 'She could hear rapid footsteps approaching.' 'The patient often develops a fever and breathing becomes rapid.'
Note that these words are mainly used to describe the speed with which something changes, develops, spreads etc: 'Investors have profited from the country's rapid economic growth.' 'Unemployment has been increasing rapidly over the past 8 years.'

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