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rarely /ˈreəli $ ˈrerli/ adverb

بندرت ، بطور فوق العاده ، با استادی ویژه
Synonyms: seldom, hardly, hardly ever, infrequently
English Thesaurus: rarely, not (very) often, seldom, hardly ever/scarcely ever, very occasionally, ...

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rarely W2 /ˈreəli $ ˈrerli/ adverb
[Word Family: noun: rarity; adverb: rarely; adjective: rare]
not often Antonym : frequently:
She very rarely complains.
This method is rarely used in modern laboratories.

In formal or literary writing, rarely can be put first, followed by an auxiliary and the subject, to emphasize that something does not often happen:
Rarely is the customer consulted on the changes.

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