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Rather, Dan /ˈræðəʳ/
rather /ˈrɑːðə $ ˈræðər/ predeterminer, adverb

سریع تر ، بلکه ، تا یک اندازه ، نسبتا ، با میل بیشتری ، ترجیحا
- to some extent, a little, fairly, moderately, quite, relatively, somewhat, to some degree
- preferably, more readily, more willingly, sooner

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Rather, Dan /ˈræðəʳ/
(1931–) a US anchorman (=someone who reads the news on TV and introduces the reports) for CBS television, who was an anchorman on CBS News (1981–2005)

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rather S1 W1 /ˈrɑːðə $ ˈræðər/ predeterminer, adverb
[Language: Old English; Origin: hrathor 'more quickly']

1. fairly or to some degree:
I was rather surprised to see him with his ex-wife.
He was limping rather badly.
My own position is rather different.
Abigail’s always been rather a difficult child. British English
Isn’t it rather late (=a little too late) to start changing all the arrangements?
Actually I rather like the new style of architecture. British English
It was a nice house, but rather too small for a family of four. British English
The task proved to be rather more difficult than I had expected. British English

2. would rather used to say that you would prefer to do or have something:
I’d rather have a quiet night in front of the TV.
We could eat later if you would rather do that.
‘I think you’d better ask her.’ ‘I’d rather not (=I do not want to).’
would rather ... than ...
I’d rather die than apologize to Helen.
I’d rather you didn’t go out alone (=I do not want you to go).

3. rather than instead of:
I think you’d call it a lecture rather than a talk.
Rather than go straight on to university why not get some work experience first?
Bryson decided to quit rather than accept the new rules.

4. or rather used before correcting something that you have said, or giving more specific information:
We all went in Vic’s car, or rather his father’s.

5. not ... but rather ... used to say that one thing is not true but a different thing is true:
The problem is not their lack of funding, but rather their lack of planning.

6. rather you/him/her/them than me spoken used to say that you are glad that you are not going to be doing something that someone else will be doing

7. Rather! British English spoken old-fashioned used to agree with someone

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DUBIOUS: The bed was rather comfortable.
GOOD: The bed was quite comfortable.
DUBIOUS: The weather is rather good today.
GOOD: The weather is quite good today.

Usage Note:
When rather means 'to a small extent', it is usually used with words that express negative qualities: 'The bed was rather uncomfortable.' 'The lesson was rather boring.' 'He's always been rather lazy.'
When rather is used with words that express positive qualities, it makes the quality stronger: 'These cakes are rather nice! Try one!'

BAD: They rather violent films to romantic ones.
GOOD: They prefer violent films to romantic ones.
GOOD: They'd rather see violent films than romantic ones.
BAD: I rather take him to somewhere less crowded.
GOOD: I'd rather take him to somewhere less crowded.
GOOD: I prefer to take him to somewhere less crowded.

Usage Note:
When you mean 'prefer', use prefer/would rather /would prefer (NOT rather on its own): 'She says she'd rather speak to you herself about it.'

BAD: I'd rather prefer just to lie on the beach.
GOOD: I'd rather just lie on the beach.
GOOD: I'd prefer just to lie on the beach.

Usage Note:
Do not use rather and prefer together: 'If the weather's fine, we'd rather play tennis.'

BAD: I told her I would rather to go by train than to fly.
GOOD: I told her I would rather go by train than fly.
BAD: I would rather going abroad for my holidays.
GOOD: I would rather go abroad for my holidays.

Usage Note:
would rather do sth (NOT to do or doing ): 'They'd rather wait and see what happens.'

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See: had rather

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