rattle ●●○○○
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rattle /ˈrætl/ verb
rattle noun

تغ تغ کردن ، تلق تلق کردن ، وراجی کردن ، خر خر کردن ، خر خر ، تق تق ، جغجغه
- clatter, bang, jangle
- shake, bounce, jar, jolt, vibrate
- fluster, disconcert, disturb, faze, perturb, shake, upset
Related Words: addle, muddle, disturb, upset, bewilder, distract, perplex
English Thesaurus: bang, crash, thud, thump, clink, ...

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Rattle, Sir Simon
(1955–) a British conductor (=someone who directs a group of musicians), known especially for working with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (1980–1997). In 2002 he became the chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic.

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I. rattle1 /ˈrætl/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Origin: Probably from Middle Low German ratelen]

1. [intransitive and transitive] if you rattle something, or if it rattles, it shakes and makes a quick series of short sounds:
Dan banged on her door and rattled the handle.
The window rattled in the wind.
Bottles rattled as he stacked the beer crates.

2. [intransitive] if a vehicle rattles somewhere, it travels there while making a rattling sound
rattle along/past/over etc
The cart rattled along the stony road.
An old blue van rattled into view.

3. [transitive] informal to make someone lose confidence or become nervous:
His mocking smile rattled her more than his anger.
It was hard not to get rattled when the work piled up.
His confidence was rattled by the accident.

4. rattle sb’s cage spoken informal to annoy someone – used humorously:
Who rattled your cage?
rattle around phrasal verb British English
to live in a building that is much too big for you
rattle around in
Dad and I rattled around miserably in the house after Mum died.
rattle something ↔ off phrasal verb
to say several pieces of information or a list quickly and easily from memory:
Chris rattled off some statistics about the teams.
rattle on phrasal verb British English informal
to talk quickly for a long time about boring things Synonym : go on
rattle on about
Nancy would rattle on for hours about her grandchildren.
rattle through something phrasal verb British English informal
to do something quickly because you want to finish it
rattle up something phrasal verb British English
if a sports player rattles up a number of points, they get that number of points very quickly:
The West Indies had rattled up 411 for 5 when rain stopped play.

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II. rattle2 noun

1. [uncountable and countable] a short repeated sound, made when something shakes:
They listened anxiously to every rattle and creak in the house.
rattle of
the rattle of chains
the faint rattle of distant gunfiredeath rattle

[countable] a baby’s toy that makes a noise when it is shaken

3. [countable] British English an object that people shake to make a loud noise and show excitement or encouragement, for example at ceremonies or sports games

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See: sabre raitling

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