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raw /rɔː $ rɒː/ adjective

مرطوب ، اولیه ، نارس ، کال ، خام ، نپخته ، بی تجربه ، سرد ، جریحه دار کردن ، معماری: نمناک ، بازرگانی: ناخالص
- uncooked, fresh, natural
- unrefined, basic, coarse, crude, natural, rough, unfinished, unprocessed
- inexperienced, callow, green, immature, new
- chilly, biting, bitter, cold, freezing, parky (Brit. informal), piercing
Contrasted words: drilled, exercised, hardened, adult, grown-up, mature, matured, ripe
Related Words: untaught, untutored, unmatured, unripe

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I. raw1 W3 /rɔː $ rɒː/ adjective
[Language: Old English; Origin: hreaw]

1. FOOD not cooked:
raw meat
grated raw carrots
Cabbage can be eaten raw.

2. SUBSTANCES raw substances are in a natural state and not treated or prepared for use ⇒ refined:
raw silk
In its raw state, cocoa is very bitter.
Raw sewage had been dumped in the river.
The cost of our raw materials has risen significantly.

3. INFORMATION raw information is collected but not organized, examined, or developed:
software to convert raw data into usable information
His time here provided the raw material for his novel.
Warhol used everyday items as the raw ingredients of his art.

4. EMOTIONS raw feelings are strong and natural, but not fully controlled:
raw passion
Linda didn’t want to see Roy while her emotions were still raw.
It took raw courage to admit she was wrong.

5. BODY if a part of your body is raw, the skin there is red and painful:
The skin on my feet was rubbed raw.

6. INEXPERIENCED not experienced or not fully trained:
Most of our soldiers are raw recruits.

7. touch/hit a raw nerve to upset someone by something you say:
Seeing his face, Joanne realized she’d touched a raw nerve.

8. raw deal unfair treatment:
Customers are getting a raw deal and are rightly angry.

9. WEATHER very cold:
She shivered in the raw morning air.

10. ART music, art, language etc that is raw is simple, direct, and powerful, but not fully developed:
Her voice has a raw poetic beauty.
His early sketches are raw and unpretentious.

11. raw talent someone with raw talent is naturally good at something, but has not developed their ability yet:
He has the raw talent to become a star.

12. raw edge the edge of a piece of material before it has been sewn:
Turn over the raw edges and stitch.
—rawness noun [uncountable]

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II. raw2 noun

1. in the raw
a) seen in a way that does not hide cruelty and violence:
He went on the streets to experience life in the raw.
It was my first exposure to India in the raw.
b) informal not wearing any clothes Synonym : in the nude:
sunbathing in the raw

2. catch/touch somebody on the raw British English to say or do something that upsets someone:
She flinched, caught on the raw by his question.

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See: in the raw

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