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reassure /ˌriːəˈʃʊə $ -ˈʃʊr/ verb [transitive]

دوباره اطمینان دادن ، دوباره قوت قلب دادن
Synonyms: encourage, comfort, hearten, put or set one's mind at rest, restore confidence to

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reassure /ˌriːəˈʃʊə $ -ˈʃʊr/ verb [transitive]
to make someone feel calmer and less worried or frightened about a problem or situation:
Teachers reassured anxious parents.
reassure somebody (that)
He tried to reassure me that my mother would be okay.

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ADV. constantly He was constantly reassuring himself that he had acted for the best.
VERB + REASSURE be able to, can | seek to, try to | hasten to | do little to, do nothing to | do much to The report will do much to reassure parents of children at the school.
PREP. about trying to reassure the public about the safety of public transport
of She needed to be reassured of his love for her.
with He reassured her with a pat on the arm.
PHRASES feel reassured Kate nodded, but she didn't feel reassured.
need reassuring Often parents simply need reassuring that their children are happy at school.

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