reckoning ●●●○○
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reckoning /ˈrekənɪŋ/ noun

تصفیه حساب ، صورت حساب
- count, addition, calculation, estimate
- bill, account, charge, due, score

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reckoning /ˈrekənɪŋ/ noun

1. [uncountable] calculation that is based on a careful guess rather than on exact knowledge
by sb’s reckoning
By my reckoning, we have 12,000 clients.

2. [countable usually singular, uncountable] a time when you are judged or punished for your actions, or when they have results that affect you:
We know that you will not forget their crimes when their day of reckoning comes.
In the final reckoning, the president failed to achieve his major goals.

3. in/into/out of the reckoning British English among or not among those who are likely to win or be successful, especially in sport:
He had a knee injury, which put him out of the reckoning.
dead reckoning

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