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recommend /ˌrekəˈmend/ verb [transitive]

پیشنهاد کردن ، سفارش کردن توصیه کردن ، توصیه شدن ، معرفی کردن ، بازرگانی: توصیه کردن
مهندسی صنایع: نت: توصیه و معرفی کردن

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- advise, advance, advocate, counsel, prescribe, propose, put forward, suggest
- praise, approve, commend, endorse
Antonyms: discommend
English Thesaurus: advise, give advice, tell, recommend, suggest, ...

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recommend S2 W2 /ˌrekəˈmend/ verb [transitive]

1. to advise someone to do something, especially because you have special knowledge of a situation or subject
recommend (that)
I recommend that you get some professional advice.
Doctors strongly recommend that fathers should be present at their baby’s birth.
recommend doing something
I would never recommend using a sunbed on a regular basis.
Sleeping tablets are not recommended in this case.
It is dangerous to exceed the recommended dose.
Do not say ‘recommend (someone) to do something’. Say recommend doing something or recommend that someone (should) do something.

2. to say that something or someone is good, or suggest them for a particular purpose or job:
I recommend the butter chicken – it’s delicious.
Can you recommend a good lawyer?
recommend something to somebody
I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in chemistry.
recommend something for something/somebody
Which type of oil do you recommend for my car?
recommend somebody for something
I have decided to recommend you for the directorship.
highly/thoroughly recommend
The hotel is highly recommended.
Do not say ‘recommend someone something’. Just say recommend something, or say recommend something to someone.

3. something has much/little/nothing to recommend it used to say that something has many, few, or no good qualities:
The town itself has little to recommend it.

[TahlilGaran] Dictionary of Contemporary English

I. say that sb/sth is good
ADV. highly, thoroughly This book is highly recommended by teachers.
certainly, definitely I definitely recommend this film.
heartily | personally Consult a solicitor who is personally recommended to you.
PREP. for Who would you recommend for the job?
to I can recommend this book to anyone interested in food.
PHRASES sth has a lot/much to recommend it Your idea has much to recommend it.

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II. advise sb to do sth
ADV. strongly I would strongly recommend that you get professional advice.
particularly, specifically

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highly recommend
This book is highly recommended by those who have used it.
heartily recommend (=strongly and enthusiastically)
I heartily recommend the cheese sandwiches.
thoroughly recommend
Overall I can thoroughly recommend this film to anyone with an interest in space travel.
definitely/certainly recommend
We would definitely recommend these books to students in fourth to sixth grade.
personally recommend
Are there any hair colouring products you can personally recommend?

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BAD: I recommend you a walk along the Seine.
GOOD: I recommend a walk along the Seine.
BAD: I wouldn't recommend to let your children watch it.
GOOD: I wouldn't recommend that you let your children watch it.
GOOD: I wouldn't recommend letting your children watch it.

Usage Note:
recommend sth : 'Can you recommend a good hotel?'
recommend that : 'My accountant recommends that I should open an offshore account.' 'We recommend you choose your wedding ring about three months in advance.' 'They recommend that 100 be regarded as a minimum number.'
recommend doing sth : 'I'd never recommend sending a young child to boarding school.'
British English also uses recommend sb to do sth : 'I wouldn't recommend you to let your children watch it.'

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