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reduce /rɪˈdjuːs $ rɪˈduːs/ verb

تبدیل کردن ، تحویل دادن ، کاهش دادن تنزل دادن ، استحاله یا احاله کردن ، کاهش یافتن ، کم کردن ، کاستن (از) ، تنزل دادن ، فتح کردن ، استحاله کردن ، مطیع کردن ، تقلیل دادن ، ساده کردن ، علوم مهندسی: تقلیل دادن ، عمران: تبدیل ، قانون ـ فقه: تخفیف دادن ، شیمی: کاهیدن ، بازرگانی: تقلیل یافتن
مهندسی صنایع: تولید: تبدیل کردن - کاهیدن

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- lessen, abate, curtail, cut down, decrease, diminish, lower, moderate, shorten, weaken
- degrade, break, bring low, downgrade, humble
Antonyms: increase, advance, fatten
Contrasted words: boost, hike, jack (up), jump, put up, raise, up
Related Idioms: lose flesh, take off weight
Related Words: curtail, decrease, diminish, lessen, deflate, depreciate, scale (down), step down, roll back, cripple, disable, enfeeble, undermine, weaken, debase, degrade, humble, humiliate, bant, diet
English Thesaurus: reduce, cut, lower, bring something down, slash, ...

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reduce S1 W1 /rɪˈdjuːs $ rɪˈduːs/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Latin; Origin: reducere 'to lead back', from ducere 'to lead']

1. [transitive] to make something smaller or less in size, amount, or price Synonym : cutreduction:
The governor announced a new plan to reduce crime.
The helmet law should reduce injuries in motorcycle accidents.
Small businesses will need to reduce costs in order to survive.
reduce something by something
The workforce has been reduced by half.
reduce something (from something) to something
All the shirts were reduced to £10.
The new bridge should reduce travelling time from 50 minutes to 15 minutes.

2. [intransitive and transitive] if you reduce a liquid, or if it reduces, you boil it so that there is less of it

3. [intransitive] especially American English to become thinner by losing weight ⇒ diet

4. be in reduced circumstances old-fashioned to be poorer than you were before

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ADV. considerably, dramatically, drastically, greatly, sharply, significantly, substantially | further | slightly We need to reduce the speed slightly.
gradually, progressively Legislation progressively reduced the number of situations in which industrial action could be taken.
VERB + REDUCE aim to, attempt to, seek to, try to | help (to) Giving up smoking helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
manage to | be designed to, be intended to | be expected to, be likely to
PREP. by Pollution from the works has been reduced by 70 per cent.
from, to The price is reduced from 99p to 85p.
PHRASES an attempt/effort to reduce sth, measures to reduce sth, reduce sth to a minimum The risks must be reduced to the absolute minimum.

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greatly/substantially/considerably reduce
He has greatly reduced the political power of the armed forces.
significantly reduce
Their symptoms were significantly reduced.
dramatically/drastically reduce
They are committed to drastically reducing the size and cost of government.
sharply reduce
Medical progress has sharply reduced death rates.
gradually reduce
The aim is to gradually reduce the number of troops in the area.

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