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refusal /rɪˈfjuːzəl/ noun [uncountable and countable]

امت ، سرپیچی ، روگردانی ، ابا ، امتناع ، استنکاف ، خود داری ، رد ، قانون ـ فقه: نکول ، امتناع ، روانشناسی: امتناع
Synonyms: denial, knock-back (slang), rebuff, rejection

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refusal /rɪˈfjuːzəl/ noun [uncountable and countable]
when you say firmly that you will not do, give, or accept something
refusal to do something
His refusal to pay the fine got him into even more trouble.
flat/blunt/point-blank refusal (=an immediate direct refusal)
His request was met with a blunt refusal.
refusal of
They couldn’t understand her refusal of a scholarship to Yale.

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ADJ. blank, blunt, complete, flat, outright, point-blank | continued/continuing, obstinate, persistent, repeated, steadfast, stubborn | cowardly | wilful | polite | first If you decide to sell your car, I hope you'll give me first refusal (= the opportunity to buy it before it is offered to others).
VERB + REFUSAL be met by/with Her appeals for funds to support the cause were met with blank refusal.
PREP. ~ by/of a refusal by a patient to accept the recommended treatment
PHRASES a refusal of consent a refusal of consent to blood transfusions
refusal on … grounds their refusal on religious grounds to perform military service

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a stubborn/obstinate refusal (=a refusal even when others think this is unreasonable)
Her stubborn refusal to admit the truth was trying his patience.
a flat/outright refusal (=definite and direct)
She had not anticipated a flat refusal.
a point-blank refusal (=immediate, direct, and without a reason)
This point-blank refusal to discuss the issue enraged him.
a blunt refusal (=honest and direct but likely to upset someone)
A blunt refusal to help will simply damage relations further.
a polite refusal
My request was met with a polite refusal.

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