relentless ●●●○○
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relentless /rɪˈlentləs/ adjective

- unremitting, incessant, nonstop, persistent, unrelenting, unrelieved
- merciless, cruel, fierce, implacable, pitiless, remorseless, ruthless, unrelenting
Contrasted words: submissive, yielding
Related Words: rigorous, strict, stringent, cruel, ferocious, fierce, inhuman

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relentless /rɪˈlentləs/ adjective

1. strict, cruel, or determined, without ever stopping:
her relentless determination to succeed
a regime that was relentless in its persecution of dissidents

2. something bad that is relentless continues without ever stopping or getting less severe Synonym : endless:
the relentless crying of a small baby
a family facing relentless financial problems
—relentlessly adverb:
He questioned her relentlessly.

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