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relieve /rɪˈliːv/ verb [transitive]

راحت کردن ، ازاد بریدن ، تعویض نگهبانی ، خلاص کردن (از درد و رنج و عذاب) ، کمک کردن ، معاونت کردن ، تخفیف دادن ، تسلی دادن ، فرو نشاندن ، بر کنار کردن ، تغییر پست دادن ، برجستگی ، داشتن ، بر جسته ساختن ، ریدن ، علوم مهندسی: ازاد کار کردن ، علوم نظامی: مرخص کردن نگهبانها
- ease, alleviate, assuage, calm, comfort, console, cure, mitigate, relax, soften, soothe
- help, aid, assist, succour, support, sustain
Antonyms: intensify
Contrasted words: aggravate, enhance, heighten, sharpen, reinforce
Related Words: comfort, console, solace, appease, palliate, soften, quiet, soothe, subdue, moderate, qualify, temper, decrease, diminish, lessen, reduce, aid, benefit, help, fill in, sub, substitute, replace, supply

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relieve S3 /rɪˈliːv/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: relever 'to raise, relieve', from Latin relevare, from levare 'to raise']

1. PAIN to reduce someone’s pain or unpleasant feelings ⇒ relief:
Drugs helped to relieve the pain.
relieve tension/pressure/stress etc
Some people eat for comfort, to relieve their anxieties.

2. PROBLEM to make a problem less difficult or serious:
programs aimed at relieving unemployment

3. REPLACE SOMEBODY to replace someone when they have completed their duty or when they need a rest:
The guard will be relieved at midnight.

4. relieve yourself a polite expression meaning to urinate – often used humorously

5. BORING to make something less dull and boring:
a plain wall relieved by flecks of blue and yellow
relieve the boredom/monotony
The books helped relieve the boredom of waiting.

6. WAR formal to free a town which an enemy has surrounded

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ADV. temporarily
VERB + RELIEVE attempt to, try to trying to relieve the symptoms of depression
help (to) Her jokes helped to relieve the tension.
be designed to, be intended to Respite care is intended to relieve parents temporarily of the burden of caring for severely disabled children.

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relieve pain
What’s the best way of relieving back pain?
relieve symptoms
Drinking a pint of water should help to relieve the symptoms.
relieve tension
They all laughed and it helped to relieve the tension.
relieve stress
Don’t resort to alcohol to relieve your stress.
relieve anxiety
We offer patients a gentle massage to help relieve anxiety.
relieve pressure
Doctors should have inserted a needle into the lungs to relieve the pressure.

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