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remember /rɪˈmembə $ -ər/ verb

بخاطراوردن ، یاد اوردن ، بخاطر داشتن
- recall, call to mind, commemorate, look back (on), recollect, reminisce, think back
- bear in mind, keep in mind
Antonyms: forget
Contrasted words: disregard, ignore, neglect, overlook, disremember, lose
Related Words: look back (on or upon), think (of), treasure, relive, educe, elicit, evoke, extract
English Thesaurus: remember, recall, recollect, memorize, think back/look back, ...

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remember S1 W1 /rɪˈmembə $ -ər/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: remembrer, from Late Latin rememorari, from Latin memor; memory]

1. THE PAST [intransitive and transitive] to have a picture or idea in your mind of people, events, places etc from the past ⇒ forget:
Do you remember Rosa Davies?
I can’t remember her exact words.
remember (that)
I remember you two couldn’t stand each other at first!
remember (somebody) doing something
I remember meeting her at a party once.
I remember my father bringing home a huge Christmas tree.
I remember it well; I’d never seen my mother so angry.
She clearly remembers the excitement as they boarded the train.
I vaguely remember reading something about it in the paper.
They had three children, if I remember rightly.
They’ve lived here for as long as I can remember.
No one got drunk as far as I can remember.

2. INFORMATION/FACTS [intransitive and transitive] to bring information or facts that you know into your mind ⇒ forget:
You left your keys on the table, remember?
I can’t remember her phone number.
remember (that)
I suddenly remembered that I’d left the stove on.
remember what/how/why etc
I called the office, but I don’t remember who I spoke to.

3. TO DO/GET SOMETHING [intransitive and transitive] to not forget something that you must do, get, or bring:
I hope he remembers the wine.
remember to do something
Remember to take your P.E. clothes to school.

4. KEEP SOMETHING IN MIND [transitive] to keep a particular fact about a situation in your mind:
Remember, processed food is usually full of salt and sugar.
remember that
Remember that not everyone has as much money as you.
it should/must be remembered (that)
It should be remembered that a lot of work went into this event.

5. HONOUR THE DEAD [transitive] to think with respect about someone who has died, often in a ceremony:
On this day we remember the dead of two world wars.

6. be remembered for/as something to be famous for something important that you did in the past:
He is best remembered for his travel books.
Johnson wanted to be remembered as ‘the education president.’

7. GIVE SOMEBODY A PRESENT [transitive] to give someone a present on a particular occasion:
Lilian always remembers me at Christmas.
remember somebody in your will (=arrange for someone to have something of yours after you die)

8. remember me to somebody spoken used to ask someone to give a greeting from you to someone else

If you remember doing something, you have a picture in your mind of the time when you did it:
I remember playing there when I was little.
If you remember to do something, you do not forget to do what you had intended:
We must remember to close that window.

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ADV. clearly, distinctly, vividly, well I distinctly remember Jane saying that the show started at eight. I remember Miss Scott very well.
dimly, vaguely | correctly, rightly If I remember correctly, you were supposed to collect the keys on your way here.
fondly She fondly remembered her early years in India.
still | always I'll always remember this holiday.
suddenly | belatedly Julia belatedly remembered what else she was supposed to do.
VERB + REMEMBER can/could I can't remember her name.
try to | be important to
PREP. as He still remembered her as the lively teenager he'd known years before.
for She is best remembered for her first book, ‘In the Ditch’.

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remember well (=thoroughly and completely)
I remember so well my first day there.
remember clearly/vividly/distinctly (=well, with a lot of detail)
I remember clearly how I used to feel as a child in church on Sundays.
remember vaguely/dimly (=not well)
He could vaguely remember his mother’s face.
remember fondly (=in a way that shows you liked someone or something a lot)
The restaurant is fondly remembered by many.
remember rightly/correctly
You were still at school, if I remember rightly.
hardly/barely remember (=almost not at all)
I can hardly remember him.

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BAD: 'He went to the doctor's yesterday.' - 'Yes, I can remember. He looked very ill.'
GOOD: 'He went to the doctor's yesterday.' - 'Yes, I remember. He looked very ill.'
BAD: Can you remember me? I used to sit at the back of your class.
GOOD: Do you remember me? I used to sit at the back of your class.

Usage Note:
When remember means 'bring the memory of a person or thing into your mind (i.e. recall ) then can/could is usually optional: 'I (can) still remember the sad look on her face.' Use can/could to suggest effort: 'I just can't remember how the film ended.' 'I wish I could remember their address."
When remember means 'have or keep the memory of a person or thing in your mind', it is usually used WITHOUT can/could : 'I hope you still remember me.' 'I'll always remember the night we first met.'

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