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renegade /ˈrenəɡeɪd, ˈrenɪɡeɪd/ noun [countable]

(runagate) از دین برگشته ، برگشته ، مرتد ، خائن
- deserter, apostate, defector, traitor, turncoat
- rebellious, apostate, disloyal, traitorous, unfaithful
Antonyms: adherent
Contrasted words: liege man, disciple, follower
Related Words: iconoclast, insurgent, rebel, abandoner, deserter, forsaker, heretic, schismatic

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renegade /ˈrenəɡeɪd, ˈrenɪɡeɪd/ noun [countable] literary
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Spanish; Origin: renegado, from Medieval Latin renegare 'to say that something is not true', from Latin negare; negate]
someone who leaves one side in a war, politics etc in order to join the opposing side – used to show disapproval:
a renegade army unit

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