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reproduce /ˌriːprəˈdjuːs $ -ˈduːs/ verb

دوباره عمل اوردن ، تکثیر کردن ، چاپ کردن ، دوباره ساختن ، دوباره تولید کردن ، باز عمل اوردن ، علوم مهندسی: دوباره چاپ کردن
- copy, duplicate, echo, imitate, match, mirror, recreate, repeat, replicate
- breed, multiply, procreate, propagate, spawn
English Thesaurus: copy, photocopy, reproduce, forge, pirate, ...

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reproduce /ˌriːprəˈdjuːs $ -ˈduːs/ verb
[Word Family: noun: produce, producer, product, production, reproduction, productivity; adjective: productiveunproductive, counterproductive, reproductive, reproducible; verb: produce, reproduce; adverb: productively]

1. [intransitive and transitive] if an animal or plant reproduces, or reproduces itself, it produces young plants or animals:
The turtles return to the coast to reproduce.

2. [transitive] to make a photograph or printed copy of something:
Klimt’s artwork is reproduced in this exquisite book.

3. [transitive] to make something happen in the same way as it happened before Synonym : repeatcopy:
British scientists have so far been unable to reproduce these results.

4. [transitive] to make something that is just like something else ⇒ copy:
With a good set of speakers, you can reproduce the orchestra’s sound in your own home.
—reproducible adjective

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I. produce a copy of sth; produce sth again
ADV. accurately, exactly, faithfully The colours can be reproduced fairly accurately. The book's characters are faithfully reproduced in the film.
merely, simply In her own work she simply reproduces the very conventions that she claims to despise.
VERB + REPRODUCE be able to, can/could | be difficult to, be hard to, be impossible to It is difficult to reproduce a signature exactly.
PREP. from The map is reproduced here from a Victorian original.
PHRASES an attempt to reproduce sth Writing grew out of an attempt to reproduce speech in a permanent form.
reproduced by courtesy/permission of sb/sth The painting is reproduced here by courtesy of the Tate Gallery.
widely reproduced These works were popular and widely reproduced.

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II. produce young
ADV. asexually, sexually
VERB + REPRODUCE be able to, can/could The offspring have to be able to reproduce in their turn.
fail to
PREP. by Many single cell organisms reproduce by splitting in two.

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