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requisite /ˈrekwəzət, ˈrekwɪzət/ adjective [only before noun]

بایسته ، شرط لازم ، لازمه ، احتیاج ، چیز ضروری
- necessary, called for, essential, indispensable, needed, needful, obligatory, required
- necessity, condition, essential, must, need, prerequisite, requirement
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I. requisite1 /ˈrekwəzət, ˈrekwɪzət/ adjective [only before noun] formal
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: past participle of requirere; require]
needed for a particular purpose Synonym : necessary, required:
He lacks the requisite qualifications.

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II. requisite2 noun [countable usually plural]
formal something that is needed for a particular purpose
requisite of/for
He lacked the moral requisites for marriage.

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