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reserve /rɪˈzɜːv $ -ɜːrv/ verb [transitive]

نگهداشتن ، ذخیره کردن ، عضو علی البدل ، کتمان حقیقت ، مقدار وجهی که هر بانک باید جهت پرداخت دیون خود داشته باشد ، قید ، کنار گذاشتن ، پس نهاد کردن ، نگه داشتن ، اختصاص دادن ، اندوختن ، اندوخته ، ذخیره ، احتیاط ، یدکی ، (درمورد انسان) تودار بودن ، مدارا ، از پیش حفظ کردن ، رزرو کردن ، علوم مهندسی: اختصاص دادن ، معماری: ذخیره ، قانون ـ فقه: شرط ، بازرگانی: اندوخته ، ورزش: ذخیره ، علوم نظامی: ذخیره کردن
- keep, hoard, hold, put by, retain, save, set aside, stockpile, store
- book, engage, prearrange, secure
- store, cache, fund, hoard, reservoir, savings, stock, supply
- reservation, park, preserve, sanctuary, tract
- shyness, constraint, reservation, restraint, reticence, secretiveness, silence, taciturnity
- substitute, auxiliary, extra, fall-back, secondary, spare
Related Idioms: something for a rainy day, something in the sock
Related Words: contract, engage, retain, fund, supply
English Thesaurus: keep, store, save, file, collect, ...

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I. reserve1 W3 /rɪˈzɜːv $ -ɜːrv/ verb [transitive]
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: reserver, from Latin reservare 'to keep back', from servare 'to keep']

1. to arrange for a place in a hotel, restaurant, plane etc to be kept for you to use at a particular time in the future ⇒ book
reserve something for somebody/something
I’d like to reserve a table for two.
Do you have to reserve tickets in advance?

2. to keep something so that it can be used by a particular person or for a particular purpose Synonym : set aside
reserve something for somebody/something
A separate room is reserved for smokers.
reserved parking spaces

3. especially written to keep part of something for use at a later time during a process – used especially when describing how to cook something Synonym : keep, save:
Reserve a little of the mixture to sprinkle over the top of the pie.

4. to use or show something only in one particular situation
reserve something for somebody/something
She spoke in a tone of voice she usually reserved for dealing with officials.

5. reserve the right to do something formal if you reserve the right to do something, you will do it if you think it is necessary – used especially in notices or official documents:
The management reserves the right to refuse admission.

6. reserve (your) judgment (on something) spoken to not give your opinion about something until a later time when you have more information

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II. reserve2 S3 noun

1. SUPPLY [countable usually plural] a supply of something kept to be used if it is needed:
$10 million in cash reserves
oil reserves
reserve of
Somehow Debbie maintained an inner reserve of strength.

2. in reserve ready to be used if needed:
We always keep some money in reserve, just in case.

3. PERSONAL QUALITY [uncountable] a quality in someone’s character that makes them not like expressing their emotions or talking about their problems ⇒ shyness:
She overcame her own natural reserve.

4. PLAYER [countable] an extra player who plays in a team if one of the other players is injured or ill ⇒ substitute

5. TEAM the reserves British English a team that plays when the usual team cannot do so

6. MILITARY the reserve (also the reserves) an extra military force that a country has in addition to its usual army, navy etc which can be used if needed ⇒ reservist

7. FOR ANIMALS/PLANTS [countable] British English an area of land where wild animals and plants are protected Synonym : reservation, preserve American English:
a wildlife reservenature reserve

8. FOR NATIVE AMERICANS [countable] a reservation

9. PRICE [countable] (also reserve price) a price below which something will not be sold, especially in an auction

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I. supply of sth available to be used in the future
ADJ. great, huge, large, substantial, vast | sufficient | low, small | existing | additional | last It took my last reserves of strength and will to swim to the lifeboat.
untapped The region is thought to have some of the world's largest untapped oil reserves.
hidden She had hidden reserves of courage.
capital, cash, contingency, currency, financial, foreign currency/exchange, gold, international In the face of a severe crisis relating to international reserves, the government devalued the currency twice.
coal, energy, gas, oil | timber | food | fat The birds build up fat reserves to help them survive the winter.
VERB + RESERVE have We have only a small reserve of coal.
hold sth in, leave sth in, keep sth in The crack troops were held in reserve behind the front line.
dig into, dip into, draw on/upon, tap, use He had to draw on reserves of strength just to finish the race.
call on/up/upon, summon (up) her ability to summon up reserves of concentration and energy
build (up) | deplete, exhaust The company has depleted its reserves to make the purchase.
pay sth out of The dividend had to be paid out of reserves.
RESERVE + VERB be available | dwindle, fall
RESERVE + NOUN currency, funds | tank The plane was fitted with fuel reserve tanks for long-distance flights.
PREP. in ~ The rail company has two trains in service and one in reserve.

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II. protected area for plants/animals, etc.
ADJ. national | bird, forest, game, natural/nature, wildlife
VERB + RESERVE create, establish

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III. quality/feeling
ADJ. deep, strong | natural They made him feel at ease, despite his natural reserve.
PREP. with ~ Any contract should be treated with reserve until it has been checked.
without ~ She trusted him without reserve (= completely).

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IV. extra player; second team
VERB + RESERVE play in He will continue to train and may play in the reserves next season.
RESERVE + NOUN side, team | goalkeeper, striker, etc. | game, match

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V. extra military force
ADJ. army | strategic | volunteer
RESERVE + NOUN force, police

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ADV. exclusively, expressly, specially, specifically, strictly The star has a ski slope reserved exclusively for her.
normally, usually a ceremony normally reserved for heads of state
PREP. for The car park is reserved for customers only.

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BAD: We've reserved the school hall for the evening.
GOOD: We've booked the school hall for the evening.
BAD: I've finally managed to reserve a two-room house on the beach.
GOOD: I've finally managed to book a two-room house on the beach.

Usage Note:
reserve (or book ) = arrange for a seat on a train, a seat in a theatre, a table in a restaurant etc, to be kept for you to use at a certain time: 'I'd like to reserve two seats in the front row for tomorrow night's performance.'
book = (British English) arrange for a hotel room, holiday accommodation etc, to be kept for you to use at a certain time: 'We've booked a holiday cottage in the Lake District for the first two weeks in June.' Note that in American English the usual word for this meaning is reserve .

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