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result /rɪˈzʌlt/ noun

برایند ، پی امد ، دست اورد ، برامد ، نتیجه دادن ، ناشی شدن ، نتیجه ، اثر ، حاصل ، منتج شدن ، علوم مهندسی: ناشی ، معماری: پیامد ، قانون ـ فقه: نتیجه ، روانشناسی: نتیجه ، بازرگانی: حاصل
کامپیوتر: برایند

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- consequence, effect, end, end result, outcome, product, sequel, upshot
- happen, appear, arise, derive, develop, ensue, follow, issue, spring
- result in: end in, culminate in, finish with
Contrasted words: origin, root, source
Related Words: close, conclusion, end, finish, termination, product, production
English Thesaurus: conclusion, findings, result, consequence, repercussions, ...

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I. result1 S1 W1 /rɪˈzʌlt/ noun

1. HAPPENING BECAUSE OF SOMETHING [uncountable and countable] something that happens or exists because of something that happened before ⇒ consequence
result of
Accidents are the inevitable result of driving too fast.
High unemployment is a direct result of the recession.
end/final/net result (=the result at the end of a long process)
The net result of all these changes is that schools should be able to deliver a better service to pupils.
Growing plants from seed can produce disappointing results.
With a little effort you should achieve the desired result.
as a result (of something)
As a result of the pilots’ strike, all flights have had to be cancelled.
with the result that
Sara wasn’t at school last week, with the result that she missed an important test.

2. SPORTS/ELECTIONS [countable] the final number of points, votes etc at the end of a competition, game, or election:
The results will be announced at midnight.
the football results
result of
A lot depends on the result of this match.

3. SCIENTIFIC TESTS [countable] the answers that are produced by a scientific study or test:
Results suggest that diet is very important.
result of
Police are awaiting the results of a forensic examination.
positive/negative/inconclusive results
The experiments gave positive results in all cases.

4. EXAMINATIONS [countable] British English the mark you get in an examination Synonym : grade American English:
When do we get our exam results?

5. SUCCESS [countable] the achievement of something:
She certainly knows how to get results.
For best results, always use fresh ingredients when you are cooking.

6. BUSINESS results [plural] the accounts of a business that show how successful it has been over a period of time, usually a year:
British Airways has announced disappointing results for the first half of the year.

7. get a result British English informal to win a victory in a sports match:
They were lucky to get a result on Saturday.

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II. result2 W2 verb [intransitive]
[Date: 1400-1500; Language: Latin; Origin: resultare 'to jump back, result', from saltare 'to jump']
if something results from something else, it is caused by it
result from
We are still dealing with problems resulting from errors made in the past.
How would you cope with unemployment and the resulting loss of income?
result in something phrasal verb
to make something happen Synonym : cause:
an accident that resulted in the death of two passengers

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III. result3 interjection informal
Result! said when you have just done something successfully

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I. outcome/effect
ADJ. good, positive For the best results buy one of the more expensive brands.
disastrous, unfortunate | direct, indirect | net | inevitable, logical | dramatic, impressive, spectacular, surprising | lasting | desired And did your intervention produce the desired result?
VERB + RESULT have, produce My interference had rather an unfortunate result.
achieve, get, obtain This was not the result we had hoped to achieve.
PREP. as a/the ~ These actions were taken as a direct result of the strike.
with a/the ~ Parking restrictions were lifted, with the result that the road is permanently blocked by cars.

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II. desired effect
ADJ. concrete, tangible We have yet to see any concrete results from the research.
VERB + RESULT come up with, get, produce | give, show When is all your effort going to show some results?

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III. final position in a competition
ADJ. election | football, racing, etc.
VERB + RESULT announce, read out The announcer was reading out the football results.

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IV. (often results) mark given for an examination
ADJ. encouraging, good | disappointing, poor | exam, examination | A-level, degree, etc.
VERB + RESULT get, have When do you get your exam results?

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V. of an experiment, a medical test, an investigation, etc.
ADJ. interim, preliminary | experimental, research | test, X-ray | referendum, survey
VERB + RESULT wait for The doctor is still waiting for my results.
get, have, receive I haven't had the X-ray results yet.
analyse, evaluate | present, publish They hope to publish their results next month.
give, yield All three methods yielded identical results.
RESULT + VERB demonstrate sth, indicate sth, reveal sth, show sth, suggest sth Preliminary results suggest that there is no cause for concern.
confirm sth, support sth
PREP. pending the ~(s) of Work on the scheme has been halted, pending the results of a judicial enquiry.
~ from evaluating the results from various recent surveys

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verb PHRASAL VERBS result in sth
ADV. inevitably This move will inevitably result in the loss of a lot of jobs.
not automatically, not necessarily | easily Complacency could easily result in tragedy.
quickly | eventually
VERB + RESULT can/could, may/might, should, will/would | be expected to, be liable to, be likely/unlikely to Such measures are likely to result in decreased motivation of the workforce.

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a direct result
The closure of the hospital is a direct result of Government reforms.
an indirect result
Some job losses were the indirect result of cheap imports.
the end/final result (=the result at the end of a long process)
The end result will be well worth the effort.
the net result (=the final result)
The net result of fewer officers on the street was rising crime.
the immediate result
Keep trying even if your first enquiry produces no immediate result.
the inevitable result (=a result that is impossible to avoid)
Weight loss is an inevitable result of the disease.
the desired result
These severe measures did not always produce the desired results.
positive results
The charity has seen positive results from health care and farming projects.
with disastrous results
The parachute failed to open properly, with disastrous results.
achieve/obtain a result
You can achieve the same result by simply clicking on the menu.
produce a result
A different approach might produce some interesting results.
have a result (=cause something to happen)
The campaign did have some positive results.

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BAD: Nowadays we hear a lot about pollution and its results on our health.
GOOD: Nowadays we hear a lot about pollution and its effects on our health.

Usage Note:
result = the situation or action that develops from a previous situation or action: 'The result of the crisis was that in 1649 the king was beheaded.' 'The anti-smoking campaign has produced excellent results.'
effect (on sb/sth ) = a change in condition that is caused by something: 'The drug had no effect on him.' (= there was no change in his condition) 'Wine always has an effect on me - it makes me want to sing.'

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