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retirement /rɪˈtaɪəmənt $ -ˈtaɪr-/ noun

عملیات عقب روی ، عقب نشینی اختیاری ، بازنشست شدن ، بازنشستگی ، قانون ـ فقه: بازنشستگی ، روانشناسی: بازنشستگی ، بازرگانی: بازنشستگی ، علوم نظامی: عقب رفتن
مهندسی صنایع: بازنشستگی مهندسی صنایع: مالی: مستهلک کردن دارایی
نیروی انسانی: بازنشستگی

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Synonyms: withdrawal, privacy, retreat, seclusion, solitude

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retirement S3 W3 /rɪˈtaɪəmənt $ -ˈtaɪr-/ noun
[Word Family: noun: retiree, retirement; adjective: retired, retiring; verb: retire]

1. [uncountable and countable] when you stop working, usually because of your age
retirement from
He became a keen golfer after his retirement from politics.
retirement as
He announced his retirement as chief executive of the company.
She took early retirement (=retired at an earlier age than usual) last year.
Dad’s approaching retirement age.

2. [singular, uncountable] the period after you have stopped work:
I hope you enjoy a long and happy retirement.
in retirement
Will you be able to support yourself in retirement?
a retirement pension

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ADJ. early, premature A knee injury forced him into premature retirement.
active | comfortable, happy He provided for a comfortable retirement by selling the business.
compulsory, enforced compulsory retirement at 60 her enforced retirement from the sport
VERB + RETIREMENT consider, look forward to, think about | approach, be close to, near | plan (for), prepare for, provide for helping you to plan your retirement
reach | announce | go into | come out of He is going to come out of retirement for this one last concert.
force sb into | mark They presented him with an engraved watch to mark his retirement.
enjoy, spend I intend to spend my retirement travelling.
RETIREMENT + NOUN age | benefits, package, pension | gift, party | home
PREP. after/before (your) ~ After her retirement from the stage she began to drink.
at (your) ~ Your pension plan provides a cash lump sum at retirement.
for (your) ~ saving for her retirement
in (your) ~ His father was now living in retirement in France. She has found a new hobby in her retirement.
on (your) ~ a gift from the firm on his retirement
until (your) ~ He remained in the post until his retirement last year.
~ as her retirement as sales director
~ at retirement at fifty-five
~ from his retirement from first-class cricket
PHRASES the age of retirement The age of retirement for all employees is 60.
take early retirement The company suggested that he should take early retirement.
wish sb a long and happy retirement

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approach retirement
People approaching retirement need to consider the issue of money.
take early retirement (=retire earlier than usual)
He took early retirement in 1990 after 25 years at IBM.
announce your retirement
Shortly after his defeat he announced his retirement from politics.
early retirement (=before the usual or expected time)
Staff are being asked to consider early retirement.
premature retirement (=before the natural or proper time)
Injury forced him into premature retirement.
retirement age
Sixty-five was the normal retirement age for men.
retirement benefits British English (=in Britain, money provided through the state pension scheme)
Part-time workers at the company do, however, get health and retirement benefits.
retirement date
My actual retirement date is July 10.

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