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return /rɪˈtɜːn $ -ɜːrn/ verb
return noun

عودت دادن ، پس فرستادن ، عملکرد ، گزارش رسمی مامور شهربانی یا سایر مامورین رسمی در جواب نامه ای که دادگاه به ایشان نوشته کیفیت پیگرد را در پرونده بخصوصی سوال می کند ، اعاده بازگشت ، عودت ، گزارش دادن ، گزارش رسمی ، بازده ، درامد ، بازگشت ، برگشت ، برگرداندن ، برگشتن ، مراجعت کردن ، رجعت ، اعاده ، علوم مهندسی: کارکرد ، کامپیوتر: کلیدReturn ، قانون ـ فقه: گزارش نهایی هیات تحقیق ، بازرگانی: بازگشت ، عودت دادن ، عایدی ، علوم نظامی: مراجعت کردن عکس العمل
مهندسی صنایع: فروش/خرید/تدارکات: برگشت ، برگرداندن الکترونیک: کلید ، Return کامپیوتر: عودت دادن ، پس فرستادن ، عودت ، بازگشت ، تجارت خارجی: بازگشت ، مراجعت ، عملکرد ، کارکرد ، علوم مهندسی: گزارش رسمی مامور شهربانی یا سایر مامورین رسمی در جواب نامه ای که دادگاه به ایشان نوشته کیفیت پیگرد را در پرونده بخصوصی سوال می کند ، اعاده بازگشت ، برگشت ، گزارش نهایی هیات تحقیق ، حقوق: عودت ، بازگشت ، عودت دادن ، بازرگانی: گزارش دادن ، گزارش رسمی ، مراجعت کردن عکس العمل ، علوم نظامی: بازده ، درامد ، عایدی ، اقتصاد: بازگشت ، برگشت ، مراجعت ، برگرداندن ، برگشتن ، مراجعت کردن ، رجعت ، اعاده کامپیوتر: بازگشت ، کلید Enter

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- come back, go back, reappear, rebound, recur, retreat, revert, turn back
- put back, re-establish, reinstate, replace, restore
- give back, pay back, recompense, refund, reimburse, repay
- reply, answer, respond, retort
- elect, choose, vote in
- restoration, re-establishment, reinstatement
- reappearance, recurrence
- retreat, rebound, recoil
- profit, gain, income, interest, proceeds, revenue, takings, yield
- report, account, form, list, statement, summary
- reply, answer, comeback (informal), rejoinder, response, retort
Antonyms: forsake, remove, outlay
Contrasted words: abandon, depart, leave, quit
Related Words: advert, revolve, rotate, turn, renew, restore, recover, regain, rebound, reflect, repercuss, reverberate, bestow, give
English Thesaurus: profit, earnings, return, turnover, takings, ...

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I. return1 S2 W1 /rɪˈtɜːn $ -ɜːrn/ verb
[Date: 1300-1400; Language: Old French; Origin: retourner, from tourner 'to turn']

1. GO BACK [intransitive] to go or come back to a place where you were before Synonym : go back, come back:
It was forty five minutes before she returned.
return to
Are you planning to return to Spain?
return from
I have just returned from five months in Zimbabwe.
Alison decided to return home.
He left his country, never to return.

In everyday English, people usually say come back (=return to the place where the speaker is) or go back (=return to a different place from where the speaker is), rather than return:
It was forty five minutes before she came back.
Are you planning to go back to Spain?

2. GIVE BACK [transitive] to give or send something back, or to put something back in its place Synonym : give back, put back
return something to something/somebody
Carson returned the notebook to his pocket.
I returned the books to the library unread.
Please complete the enclosed application form and return it in the envelope attached.

In everyday English, people usually say that they take something back, put it back, or bring it back, rather than return it:
He put the key back in his pocket.
Did you take the books back to the library?

3. FEELING/SITUATION [intransitive] if a feeling, situation etc returns, it starts to exist or happen again Synonym : come back:
If the pain returns, take two of the tablets with some water.
David could feel his anger returning.
return to
when peace finally returns to this country

In everyday English, people usually say that a feeling comes back rather than returns:
I’m worried that the pain will come back.

4. DO THE SAME [transitive] to do something to someone because they have done the same thing to you:
He smiled at her warmly and she returned his smile.
I phoned him twice on Friday and left messages, but he never returned my call (=he didn’t phone me).
Thanks very much. I’ll return the favour (=do something to help you) some day.
The police did not return fire (=shoot back at someone who shot at them).

5. ANSWER [transitive] written to answer someone:
‘Yes,’ he returned. ‘I’m a lucky man.’

6. BALL [transitive] to hit the ball back to your opponent in a game such as tennis

7. ELECT [transitive usually passive] British English to elect someone to a political position, especially to represent you in parliament
return somebody to something
Yeo was returned to Parliament with an increased majority.
return somebody as something
At the election, she was returned as MP for Brighton.

8. return a verdict when a jury return their verdict, they say whether someone is guilty or not

9. PROFIT [transitive] to make a profit:
The group returned increased profits last year.

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II. return2 S2 W2 noun

1. COMING BACK [singular] the act of returning from somewhere, or your arrival back in a place:
We’re all looking forward to your return!
return from
I need to know the date of her return from Europe.
return to
Malcolm decided to delay his return to York.
on/upon sb’s return
On his return from Canada, he joined the army.

2. GIVING BACK [singular] the act of giving, putting, or sending something back
return of
A mother is appealing for the safe return of her baby son.
Police have arranged for the return of the stolen goods.

3. CHANGING BACK [singular] a change back to a previous state or situation
return to
The United States called for a return to democracy.
a return to normal

4. STARTING AGAIN [singular] when someone starts an activity again after they had stopped
return to
Rose’s return to the teaching profession
Jean is well enough now to consider her return to work.

5. PROFIT [uncountable and countable] the amount of profit that you get from something:
The markets are showing extremely poor returns.
return on
How can you get the best return on your investment?
return from
The returns from farming are declining.
The average rates of return were 15%.

6. in return (for something) as payment or reward for something:
He is always helping people without expecting anything in return.
We offer an excellent all-round education to our students. In return, we expect students to work hard.
Liz agreed to look after the baby in return for a free room.

7. FEELING/SITUATION [singular] when a feeling, situation etc starts to exist or happen again
return of
She felt a return of her old anxiety.
David had noticed the return of worrying symptoms in the last few days.

8. COMPUTER [uncountable] the key that you press on a computer at the end of an instruction or to move to a new line Synonym : enter:
Key in the file name and press return.

9. STATEMENT [countable] a statement giving written information in reply to official questions:
an analysis of the 1851 census returnstax return

10. VOTE [countable] technical a vote in an election:
What are the returns from last night’s voting?

11. by return (of post) British English if you reply to a letter by return, you send your reply almost immediately

12. TICKET [countable] British English a ticket for a journey from one place to another and back again Antonym : single Synonym : round trip American EnglishDAY RETURN,
the point of no return at point1(10)

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III. return3 adjective [only before noun]
used or paid for a journey from one place to another and back again ⇒ single Synonym : round trip American English:
a return ticket
a return fare

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I. coming/going back; giving sth back
ADJ. complete, full a full return to health
gradual | imminent | brief | emotional, happy | dramatic
VERB + RETURN make Shevchenko made an emotional return to his former club.
mark The victory marked Williams' return to top form.
await, wait for | greet The smell of cooking greeted his return home.
celebrate | delay, put off | demand He demanded the return of his money.
call for, push for, vote for The UN continued to call for a return to civilian rule.
RETURN + NOUN address, date
PREP. in ~ (for) She gave them all the help she could, and asked for nothing in return.
on sb's ~ He promised to visit us on his return. | ~ from The date of their return from India is a fortnight from now.
~ to Jones is hoping for an early return to racing after her injury.
PHRASES by return (of post) All orders will be dispatched by return of post (= by the next post).

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II. (also returns) profit
ADJ. attractive, big, excellent, generous, good, high, substantial | acceptable, adequate, decent, fair, healthy, reasonable | inadequate, low, marginal, meagre, poor, small | diminishing the law of diminishing returns
immediate | long-term | annual, monthly, quarterly, etc. | expected, likely, possible, potential, projected | gross, pre-tax | after-tax, net | tax-free
VERB + RETURN achieve, get, make, receive You should get a good return on this investment.
boost, enhance, improve, increase, maximize to maximize returns to shareholders
estimate | give (sb), offer (sb), produce, provide, show, yield The venture yielded a net return of £15 million. | represent These figures represent a return of 8.5% per annum.
RETURN + VERB increase | decline, decrease
PREP. ~ on the return on capital/investment/savings
PHRASES a rate of return

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III. ticket to travel to a place and back again
ADJ. day, period | business class, economy, first-class, standard, tourist class
RETURN + NOUN ticket | flight, journey

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ADV. recently | shortly | eventually | safely Our aircraft all returned safely to their bases.
voluntarily | forcibly The asylum seekers are to be forcibly returned to their home countries.
VERB + RETURN be due to She is due to return to school in a fortnight.
be expected to, be likely to, be/look set to | be allowed to | decide to, expect to, hope to, intend to, plan to, want to, wish to | agree to, promise to | fail to Suspicions were aroused when he failed to return to work on Monday morning.
force sb to Lack of cash forced her to return to work.
PREP. from She had recently returned from Paris.
to She never returned the book to me.

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return sb’s call (=phone someone who phoned you)
I left a message but he hasn't returned my call.
return sb’s gaze/stare
She kept her eyes fixed on the floor, refusing to return his gaze.
return sb’s smile
Mark returned her smile.
return sb’s love/feelings (=love someone who loves you)
Sadly, she could never return his love.
return the favour (=help someone who helped you)
Thanks a lot. I hope I'll be able to return the favour.
return fire (=shoot back at someone)
One plane opened fire on the American aircraft, which immediately returned fire.

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BAD: She returned back after half an hour.
GOOD: She returned after half an hour.
BAD: When is he going to return back the money he owes you?
GOOD: When is he going to return the money he owes you?

Usage Note:
Return contains the meaning 'back': 'He had to return to India to look after his mother.' 'He's left a note asking you to return the book he lent you.'

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See: in return

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