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reverence /ˈrevərəns/ noun

حرمت ، تکریم ، احترام گذاردن
Synonyms: awe, admiration, high esteem, honour, respect, veneration, worship
Contrasted words: contempt, despite, disdain, hatred, scorn, insult, mockery
Related Idioms: hold in reverence
Related Words: devotion, fealty, loyalty, piety

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reverence /ˈrevərəns/ noun
[uncountable] formal great respect and admiration for someone or something
reverence for
reverence for tradition

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ADJ. deep, great, profound | due, proper
VERB + REVERENCE have | hold sb in He is still held in great reverence throughout the country.
inspire a painting that inspires deep reverence for nature
PREP. in ~ I closed my eyes in reverence.
with ~ She spoke of them with profound reverence.
~ for reverence for human life
~ to/towards Children are taught to show respect and reverence towards their grandparents.

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