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rhythm /ˈrɪðəm/ noun [uncountable and countable]

وزن ، سجع ، میزان ، اهنگ موزون ، نواخت ، روانشناسی: دوره
Synonyms: beat, accent, cadence, lilt, metre, pulse, swing, tempo, time
Related Words: lilt, accent

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rhythm W3 /ˈrɪðəm/ noun [uncountable and countable]
[Date: 1500-1600; Language: Latin; Origin: rhythmus, from Greek, from rhein 'to flow']

1. a regular repeated pattern of sounds or movements ⇒ metre:
Drums are basic to African rhythm.
complicated dance rhythms
rhythm of
She started moving to the rhythm of the music.
the steady rhythm of her heartbeat

2. a regular pattern of changes:
the body’s natural rhythms
rhythm of
Jim liked the rhythm of agricultural life.

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ADJ. fast, slow | constant, good, regular, steady the steady rhythm of his heartbeat
irregular, staccato | intricate | strong | easy Tidying the house in the morning fell into an easy rhythm.
natural, normal part of the natural rhythm of life
fierce, frenzied, insistent, pounding, pulsating | dance | body, circadian My body rhythms had not yet adapted to the ten-hour time difference.
cardiac, heart | daily changes to our daily rhythms
VERB + RHYTHM develop, fall into, get into, settle into, slip into She soon settled into a regular rhythm.
have, lack | make Her feet made a steady rhythm on the pavement.
find Williams is having trouble finding her rhythm on the serve.
beat (out), clap (to), tap out Her pencil tapped out a staccato rhythm on the desk top.
RHYTHM + NOUN section the band's rhythm section
PREP. in (a) ~ snapping his fingers in rhythm
to a/the ~ I found myself swaying to the rhythm of the music.
with a/the ~ I like music with a good rhythm.
~ in There's rhythm in her movements.
PHRASES a sense of rhythm

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