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ridicule /ˈrɪdəkjuːl, ˈrɪdɪkjuːl/ noun [uncountable]
ridicule verb [transitive]

استهزا ، ریشخند ، تمسخر کردن ، دست انداختن
- mockery, chaff, derision, gibe, jeer, laughter, raillery, scorn
- laugh at, chaff, deride, jeer, make fun of, mock, poke fun at, sneer
Related Idioms: laugh out of court, make fun (or game or sport) of, poke fun at
Related Words: barrack, flout, gibe, jape, jeer, scoff, sneer, burlesque, caricature, mimic, travesty, haze, ride, roast
English Thesaurus: mock, make fun of somebody/something, laugh at somebody/something, poke fun at somebody/something, ridicule, ...

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I. ridicule1 /ˈrɪdəkjuːl, ˈrɪdɪkjuːl/ noun [uncountable]
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: Latin ridiculum 'something funny', from ridere 'to laugh']
unkind laughter or remarks that are intended to make someone or something seem stupid:
the ridicule of his peers
The government’s proposals were held up to ridicule (=suffered ridicule) by opposition ministers.
He had become an object of ridicule among the other teachers.

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II. ridicule2 verb [transitive]
to laugh at a person, idea etc and say that they are stupid Synonym : mock:
At the time, his ideas were ridiculed.

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ADJ. general, public
VERB + RIDICULE attract, draw, receive | expose sb/sth to, hold sb/sth up to, treat sb/sth with | be open to, face, invite, risk | fear A faintly comic figure, he fears ridicule above all else.
PHRASES an object of ridicule, a target for/of ridicule The prime minister was becoming an object of ridicule.

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