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rig /rɪɡ/ verb (past tense and past participle rigged, present participle rigging) [transitive]

حیله ، برپا کردن ، نصب قطعات ، بادگل و بادبان اراستن ، مجهز کردن ، اماده شدن ، با خدعه و فریب درست کردن ، گول زدن ، دگل ارایی ، وضع حاضر ، سر و وضع ، اسباب ، لوازم ، لباس ، جامه ، تجهیزات ، علوم مهندسی: سوار کردن ، قانون ـ فقه: احتکار ، علوم نظامی: باربندی کردن بسته بندی کردن

: rig 1

علوم دریایی: بر پا کردن

: rig 2

علوم دریایی: تجهیز کردن

: rig 3

علوم دریایی: وضع ظاهر
- fix (informal), arrange, engineer, gerrymander, manipulate, tamper with
- equip, fit out, furnish, kit out, outfit, supply
- apparatus, equipment, fittings, fixtures, gear, tackle

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I. rig1 /rɪɡ/ verb (past tense and past participle rigged, present participle rigging) [transitive]
[Sense 1-2: Date: 1700-1800; Origin: rig 'trick' (18-19 centuries). ]
[Sense 3: Date: 1400-1500; Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language]

1. to dishonestly arrange the result of an election or competition before it happens Synonym : fix:
Some international observers have claimed the election was rigged.

2. if people rig prices or rig financial markets, they unfairly agree with each other the prices that will be charged Synonym : fixcartel:
Two of the largest oil companies have been accused of rigging prices.
Some investors feel that the market is rigged.

3. [usually passive] to put ropes, sails etc on a ship:
The ship was fully rigged and ready to sail.
rig somebody ↔ out phrasal verb British English informal
to dress someone in special or unusual clothes:
young children who are rigged out in designer clothes
rig something ↔ up phrasal verb informal
to make a piece of equipment, furniture etc quickly from objects that you find around you:
We rigged up a simple shower at the back of the cabin.

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II. rig2 noun [countable]

1. a large structure that is used for getting oil from the ground under the sea

2. American English informal a large truck:
We drove the rig down to Baltimore.

3. the way in which a ship’s sails are arranged

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