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ripple /ˈrɪpəl/ verb

موج دار شدن ، دارای سطح ناهموار ، بطور موجی حرکت کردن ، مانند اب مواج شدن ، الکترونیک: شکن
الکترونیک: شکن ، الکترونیک: موج دار شدن ، دارای سطح ناهموار، بطور موجی حرکت کردن ، مانند اب مواج شدن

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Synonyms: cockle, dimple, fret, riffle

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I. ripple1 /ˈrɪpəl/ verb
[Date: 1600-1700; Origin: Probably from rip]

1. [intransitive and transitive] to move in small waves, or to make something move in this way:
fields of grain rippling in the soft wind
I could see the muscles rippling under his shirt.

2. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to pass from one person to another like a wave
ripple through
Panic rippled through Hollywood as the murders were discovered.
ripple around
Enthusiastic applause rippled around the tables.

3. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] if a feeling ripples through you, you feel it strongly
ripple through
Anger was rippling through him so fiercely that his whole body shook.

4. [intransitive] to make a noise like water that is flowing gently:
The water rippled over the stones.
a rippling brook

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II. ripple2 noun [countable]

1. a small low wave on the surface of a liquid:
ripples on the surface of the pond
She dived into the pool, making scarcely a ripple.

2. a sound that gets gradually louder and softer:
A ripple of laughter ran through the audience.
a ripple of applause

3. a feeling that spreads through a person or a group because of something that has happened:
A ripple of excitement went through the crowd as he came on stage.

4. a shape or pattern that looks like a wave:
ripples on the sand

5. raspberry ripple/chocolate ripple etc a type of ice cream that has different coloured bands of fruit, chocolate etc in it

6. ripple effect a situation in which one action causes another, which then causes a third etc Synonym : domino effect:
The increase had a ripple effect through the whole financial market.

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ADJ. little, small
VERB + RIPPLE cause, set off The decision caused ripples of concern among the parents.
send I dropped the pebble in the water, sending ripples across the pond. His remarks sent a ripple of laughter through the audience.
feel He felt a small ripple of fear pass through him.
RIPPLE + VERB pass/run through sb/sth | spread (across) sth He watched the ripples spread across the pool.
RIPPLE + NOUN effect
PREP. ~ of A ripple of unease passed through her.

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ADV. gently, smoothly, softly
PREP. across Small waves rippled gently across the pond.
through Shock rippled through her.

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