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risk /rɪsk/ noun

احتمال زیان یا خطر ، احتمال خطر ، ریسک کردن ، به خطر انداختن ، خطر کردن ، خطر احتمالی ، مخاطره ، ریسک ، احتمال زیان و ضرر ، گشاد بازی ، بخطر انداختن ، قانون ـ فقه: غرر ، به مخاطره انداختن ، روانشناسی: ریسک ، بازرگانی: احتمال زیان ، پذیرفتن خطر ، خطر ، علوم نظامی: امکان خطر
مهندسی صنایع: خطر ، ریسک ، به خطر انداختن

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- danger, chance, gamble, hazard, jeopardy, peril, pitfall, possibility
- dare, chance, endanger, gamble, hazard, imperil, jeopardize, venture
Related Idioms: go out of one's depth
Related Words: accident, chance, fortune, luck, exposedness, exposure, liability, liableness, openness, beard, brave, dare, defy, face, confront, encounter, meet
English Thesaurus: risk, threat, hazar

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I. risk1 S2 W1 /rɪsk/ noun
[Date: 1600-1700; Language: French; Origin: risque, from Italian risco]

1. [uncountable and countable] the possibility that something bad, unpleasant, or dangerous may happen Synonym : dangerchance
risk of
Skiers always face the risk of serious injury.
risk (that)
There is a risk that the disease may spread further.
risk to
There is no risk to public health.

2. [countable] an action that might have bad results ⇒ gamble:
It was a risk, sending a letter to my house.
take a risk (=do something that might have bad results)
Isn’t he taking a bit of a risk in coming here?
take the risk of doing something
I couldn’t take the risk of leaving him alone even for a short time.
calculated risk (=a risk you take because you think a good result is quite likely)

3. [countable] something or someone that is likely to cause harm or danger
risk to
Polluted water supplies are a risk to public health.
Meat from the infected animals is regarded as a serious health risk (=something likely to harm people’s health).
The tyre dump is a major fire risk (=something that could cause a dangerous fire).
She’s becoming a security risk (=someone who may tell important secrets to an enemy).

4. at risk in a situation where you may be harmed:
We must stop these rumours; the firm’s reputation is at risk.
at risk from
Women are more at risk from the harmful effects of alcohol than men.
at risk of
Their children are also at high risk of developing the disease.
That would mean putting other children at risk.

5. run a risk to be in a situation where there is a possibility that something bad could happen to you
run the risk of doing something
Anyone travelling without a passport runs the risk of being arrested.

6. at the risk of doing something used when you think that what you are going to say or do may have a bad result, may offend or annoy people etc:
At the risk of sounding stupid, can I ask a question?
Will they go ahead with their plans, even at the risk of offending the Americans?

7. at your own risk if you do something at your own risk, you do it when you understand the possible dangers and have been warned about them:
You can use it, but it’s at your own risk.
All personal belongings are left at the owner’s risk.

8. [countable] a person or business judged according to the danger involved in giving them insurance or lending them money
good/bad/poor risk
Drivers under 21 are regarded as poor risks by insurance companies.

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II. risk2 verb [transitive]

1. to put something in a situation in which it could be lost, destroyed, or harmed ⇒ gamble:
When children start smoking, they don’t realize that they’re risking their health.
risk something to do something
He’s prepared to risk everything to avoid this war.
risk something on something
You’d be crazy to risk your money on an investment like that!
He risked his life helping others to escape.
I’m not going to risk my neck (=risk my life) just to save a common criminal.
Why risk life and limb (=risk your life and health) jumping out of a plane just to raise money for charity?

2. to get into a situation where something unpleasant may happen to you ⇒ endanger
risk doing something
They may even risk losing their homes.
risk defeat/death etc
He would prefer not to risk another embarrassing defeat.
Some people are prepared to risk imprisonment for what they believe.
risk being seen/caught/arrested etc
Workers who broke the strike risked being attacked when they left the factory.

3. to do something that you know may have dangerous or unpleasant results
risk doing something
Are you prepared to risk traveling without an armed guard?
She risked a glance back over her shoulder.
You could slip out of school between classes, but I wouldn’t risk it.

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ADJ. big, considerable, grave, great, high, major, serious, significant, substantial, terrible high-risk patients a major risk to livestock
good | bad, poor | low, slight, small | additional, extra, increased | reduced | genuine, real | attendant, inherent, possible, potential Standards of hygiene have fallen with all the attendant risks of disease. There are considerable risks inherent in the policy.
long-term | relative | foolish, unacceptable, unnecessary | calculated I take calculated risks but never gamble.
commercial, credit, environmental, financial, fire, health, insurance, safety, security Those old boxes in the corridor are a fire risk. He's a good insurance risk.
QUANT. degree, level | element The operation carries an element of risk.
VERB + RISK face, run, take If you don't revise, you run the risk of failing. I'm not prepared to take risks?I want the equipment thoroughly checked.
entail, incur, involve, pose Pollutants in the river pose a real risk to the fish.
increase | minimize, reduce | avoid | assess, measure The directors will have to assess our credit risk.
outweigh The benefits outweigh the risks.
RISK + VERB outweigh sth
RISK + NOUN group Miners are a high risk group for certain types of gastric cancer.
factor Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for this disease.
assessment | reduction | management
PREP. at ~ to put someone's life at risk
at ~ from/of Journalists in the zone are at serious risk of being kidnapped.
at the ~ of At the risk of sounding rude, don't you think you'd better change for the party?
at ~ to He saved the child at considerable risk to himself.
~ by He knew he was taking a big risk by going skiing.
~ from a risk from contaminated water
~ in I was taking a big risk in lending her the money.
~ to a risk to health
PHRASES at your own risk The building is unsafe?enter at your own risk.
an increase/a reduction in risk, risks and benefits/rewards the risks and benefits of a drug

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VERB + RISK cannot/could not, dare not, not want to, would not I simply can't risk being seen there. I didn't want to risk being late.
be prepared to, be willing to He was prepared to risk everything in order to achieve his ambition.
decide to
PREP. for I am not risking my neck for anyone!
on I wouldn't risk my money on a scheme like this one.
PHRASES risk it I knew I would be in trouble if I was found out, but I decided to risk it anyway.
risk life and limb the brave tourist who risks life and limb for adventure
risk losing sth families who risk losing their homes

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Professional sport involves a relatively high risk of injury.
The risks of failure are quite low.
considerable (=one that is fairly large)
Starting up your own business involves considerable risks.
a big/great/huge risk
There is a great risk that the wound will become infected.
an increased/reduced risk
Those who smoke have an increased risk of heart disease.
a real risk
There is a real risk that there could be another war.
a serious/grave risk (=real and big)
The most serious risk of flooding this evening is on the River Wye.
a potential risk
The potential risks associated with this operation should not be ignored.
a financial risk
There is relatively little financial risk for the company.
a political risk
The political risks for the President are minimal.
attendant risks formal (=risks involved in something)
Those who deal with firearms are generally aware of the attendant risks.
carry a risk (=might be dangerous)
Most medical operations carry some risk.
pose a risk (=might be dangerous)
Climate change poses serious risks to the environment.
involve/entail risk
Investments that provide a high return generally entail more risk.
reduce/minimize a risk
This diet could reduce your risk of certain cancers.
increase a risk
Smoking increases the risk of heart disease.
eliminate risk (=remove risk completely)
You can’t eliminate risk in your life completely.
avoid a risk
They are anxious to avoid any risk of criticism.
face a risk
The dominant male faces the risk that adult males from the group will attack him.
a risk factor (=something that increases a risk)
High cholesterol is one of the risk factors associated with heart disease.
risk assessment (=a calculation of how much risk is involved in something)
Engineering risk assessment is based on objective scientific criteria.
there is a risk
There is always a risk that mistakes will be made.
an element/degree of risk (=some risk, but not much)
There is always an element of risk in flying.
be worth the risk
Don’t walk home alone at night – it’s not worth the risk.
the risks involved/the risks associated with something
The soldiers were well aware of the risks involved.
The public are unwilling to accept the risks associated with nuclear energy.
the benefits outweigh the risks (=they are more important than the possible risks)
The benefits to patients who are taking the drug far outweigh the risks.

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BAD: Not one of us would risk to go out on our own.
GOOD: Not one of us would risk going out on our own.

Usage Note:
risk doing sth (NOT to do ): 'I couldn't risk taking a photograph - there were too many soldiers around.'

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See: calculated risk , run a risk

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